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New & Used 2 Berth Campervans for Sale

Discover our range of 2 berth campervans for sale, combining style and practicality for the perfect couple’s or solo adventure. With stock from top manufacturers including Knaus, Elddis, Auto-Trail and Camper King, you’re sure to find your dream camper with us. Take a look at our current stock below and book your visit here today.

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Looking for a 2-berth campervan?

We stock new and used two-berth campervans, and many of our used models include fitted extras or unique features – especially across our Camper King range, which offers even more personality. Our expert technicians have meticulously inspected and (if necessary) replaced parts to ensure our pre-owned 2-berth campervans meet exceptional standards before becoming available for sale. Our wide range of quality brands means you’ll be able to choose just the right 2-berth campervan for you.

Is a two-berth campervan right for you?

These days the choice of leisure vehicles is wide – there are so many to choose from, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down. When you’ve worked out your travel plans and honed in on the type of vehicle you want – a two-berth campervan – you need expert advice from a dealership with a reputation for offering the best. Here at Don Amott we stock a wide range of top quality new 2-berth campervans, and used 2-berth campervans for sale.

What is a two-berth campervan?

A two-berth campervan is a compact van designed to include a comfortable sleeping arrangement for two individuals – this may be in the form a fixed double bed or a bed which transforms by pulling out and unfolding a convertible social seating area. Rock and roll beds are simple to operate via a handle or lever. In addition there will usually be a fully equipped cooking area and ingenious storage options – plus, in some models, a small washroom or shower area and toilet.

Who are 2-berth campervans for?

This type of campervan is very popular with solo travellers or couples who value simplicity and mobility for their road trip adventures. With a host of modern conveniences and practical utilities throughout, daily life on the road in a two-berth is efficient and exciting. These campervans are easy to manoeuvre, simple to heat and provide great fuel efficiency. The perfect traveller’s vehicle where going compact doesn’t mean you have to compromise.

Are there different types of two-berth campervans?

There are! Though all models are, broadly speaking, similar in concept and even in design and build, there are different layouts available across models from different manufacturers. The main popular feature, which hugely increases the usability of some models of two-berth campervan, is the pop top roof.

This is a type of mechanism in the roof that can be raised or extended, using a system of hinges and gas struts, to create additional space when the vehicle is parked up for camping. When a pop-top roof is closed it sits flush with the vehicle’s ceiling, ensuring a streamlined profile when driving. The additional space created by a pop-top roof means more headroom and therefore more comfort and flexibility inside the campervan – so it’s much easier to move around, particularly useful when cooking in the kitchen area.

Some pop-top roofs also include windows or mesh panels to increase vehicle ventilation, and to increase light as well as give a better view of the vehicle’s surroundings when the roof is raised. Pop tops are a popular feature which maximises available space without significantly affecting the overall weight of the vehicle.

What are the most popular two-berth campervans?

Camper King: In partnership with Camper King, we’ve produced a very popular line of expertly converted VW campervan models, packed with personality and premium aesthetics. Available in several different styles, sizes and colours, with a huge amount of utility fitted into relatively compact frames, Camper King campers offer luxury with the easy-drive qualities of a standard van.

Bailey Endeavour: New to the campervan market for 2024, the Endeavour is quality Bristol-based manufacturer Bailey’s first venture into the campervan market, and is an immediate modern classic. The two-berth B62 model is available in twin single beds or double variant, offering versatility of choice for this stylish and impressive adventurer’s vehicle.

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Visit the Don Amott forecourt today and you can drive away with your dream two-berth campervan, available with attractive finance options (if required). We also offer a convenient part-exchange service – so, if you’re looking to trade in your previous vehicle or simply upgrade to a newer model, your road to two-berth campervan adventure begins right here at Don Amott.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Berth Campervans

Despite their compact size, 2 berth campervans contain all the amenities on board – ready for you to pack up and go! Our 2 berth campervans include washrooms, oven/grill, lounge space, and a convertible bed to sleep 2 people. You can also expect all the mod cons also found in larger vehicles, such as heating system, swivel cab seats, TV aerial and reversing camera – be sure to check what’s included from model to model, as every vehicle is different.

Two-berth campervans often come with a variety of sleeping arrangements. Though some models may include a permanent bed at the rear of the vehicle, many do not have fixed beds. Instead, they typically feature convertible beds that serve as seating areas during the day. The versatility of design allows for an increased space and a more efficient layout within the compact environment of a campervan. If you need any advice or guidance on what the right layout is for you then get in touch with our expert team to discuss.

Many 2 berth campervans are equipped with a shower and toilet, although this varies based on the model and design. Compact campervans may lack these amenities due to limited space. However, larger or more upscale models typically feature a small shower and toilet. To determine which models include a washroom, you can review the product specifications on the listing pages of Don Amott.

Despite their compact size, 2-berth campervans are ready for you to pack up and go! Onboard most models you will find driver and passenger seats up front plus seats in the rear in a social space. You could also find mod cons usual in larger vehicles, such as a heating system, TV aerial and reversing camera. Be sure to check what’s included from model to model, as every vehicle is slightly different.

In addition there is likely to be some storage space and, in terms of facilities and utilities, as these vehicles have become more popular and developed to facilitate the on the road lifestyle, 2-berth campervans with shower and toilet have increasingly become the norm.

Many 2-berth campervans are equipped with a toilet and a shower area – though this varies based on the model and design, with much older models tending not to. Larger or more upscaled two-berth models will typically feature a small shower and toilet. To determine which used models include a washroom, review the product specifications on the listing pages of the Don Amott website, or get in touch to speak to one of our experts.

As described above, this is an additional interior space which offers more headroom in two-berth campervans and can be created as and when required simply by ‘popping’ a simple mechanism in the roof of the vehicle.

It’s a legal requirement that passengers ‘belt up’ when the vehicle is on the road. Just like in any other vehicle, all front and rear travellers in a campervan must wear seat belts if they are fitted. Failing to wear a seat belt can result in fines and penalty points on your driving license. In addition, if children are traveling in the campervan, appropriate child restraints must be used according to their age, height and weight.

The number of travel seats in a campervan is model dependent. There are some models available which feature two travel seats (in, essentially, the cab area but not the rear) and there are some which have up to four travel seats.