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New Swift Motorhomes

New Swift motorhomes at Don Amott

Swift motorhomes return to Don Amott for the 2024 season, with a choice of ranges to suit all requirements. Each new Swift motorhome for 2024 has been manufactured with the company’s innovative SMART construction, bringing together five years of research and development to produce a shell designed to improve driving experience and insulation. Arguably the largest manufacturer of mobile leisure vehicles in the UK, Swift brings over 55 years of experience to their 2024 collection of motorhomes.

We’re stocking several Swift motorhome ranges this year, including the Swift Escape and Swift Ascari, with updated features, plus the ever popular Swift Voyager. The Escape range returns with four diverse layouts, featuring four to six-berth options, so there are plenty of accommodation possibilities to suit the needs of travelling families. The Escape range features well-kitted kitchens, designed to be practical and comfortable when you cook, plus comfortable lounges which double as sleeping areas. All beds within the new Swift motorhome collection are fitted with a Duvalay Duvalite mattress, providing maximum comfort when travelling. There are quality finishes throughout, plus practical storage solutions. The Escape range also offers various customisation options, so the vehicles can be tailored to meet specific requirements of the owners. The Ascari is a narrow coachbuilt motorhome available in three models (a 2, a 3 and a 4-berth edition), with panoramic sunroof so sunlight cascades in for an airy and natural feel. The Voyager is a very popular Swift model, built with adventures for all of the family in mind. GRP has been selected for Swift’s coachbuilt motorhomes, offering a protective outer shell and a hail resistant roof that enables you to travel all year round. The built-in Swift Command integration enables you to manage critical functions with a simple control panel inside the motorhome, plus an app allows you to stay connected when away from your vehicle.

If you would like to view any of the Swift motorhomes for 2024 at Don Amott in Derby, contact us today with any questions you may have.

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