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New & Used Campervans Including Bathrooms for Sale

For enhanced comfort and practicality, campervans that include bathrooms are especially desirable for extended journeys or remote escapades. Having your own private amenities on board makes it much easier and more comfortable for the while family, especially those with young children.

Home-style privacy

Campervans with bathrooms offer an added level of convenience and privacy, making them highly sought after for longer trips or off-grid adventures. These campervans are ingeniously designed to maximise space, often featuring compact yet functional bathroom setups, often referred to as ‘wet rooms,’ that include a toilet, and sometimes a shower and a small sink.

Ultimate convenience

Having an onboard bathroom not only eliminates the need to rely on campsite facilities or public restrooms but also allows for spontaneous detours and remote camping experiences without sacrificing essential comforts. The inclusion of a bathroom can also make the campervan more comfortable for families, especially when traveling with children or for those who prioritise having personal amenities close at hand.

Frequently Asked Questions About Campervans Including Bathrooms

In 2024, several campervans come equipped with showers and toilets. For instance, the Elddis CV range offers compact yet fully functional washrooms. The Bailey Endeavour includes a well-designed shower and toilet, maximising space and comfort. Auto-Trail’s V-Line series features cleverly integrated washroom facilities, and the Swift Monza and Carrera ranges also provide modern shower and toilet amenities, ensuring convenience and privacy.

Showers in campervans are generally quite compact, reflecting the limited space available. Typically, they range in size from about 60 to 90 centimetres in both width and depth.

Most campervans are equipped with cassette toilets, which are portable and convenient. These toilets have a removable waste tank, making them easy to empty and clean. Some campervans may also have chemical toilets, which use chemicals to break down waste and reduce odours. Both types are designed for compactness and efficiency, suitable for the limited space in campervans.