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New & Used Motorhomes with Fixed Beds for Sale

Opting for fixed beds is the perfect way to get the ultimate home-from-home experience. The primary advantage of fixed beds is that they remain set up and ready for use throughout the journey, without the need of having to convert beds every evening. This layout offers numerous advantages and has become a favourite among various types of travellers, including solo travellers, couples and families. Check out our current stock here at Don Amott today.

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About fixed bed motorhomes

Eliminating the need to make up a convertible bed every night and saving you valuable time, fixed beds are a popular choice. After a long day of exploring, simply retire to your cosy bed without any hassle. Fixed bed motorhomes typically offer a range of bed sizes, from comfortable doubles to larger queen or king-size options, ensuring a restful night’s sleep. Hotel-style mattresses add to the quality and overall comfort of your experience, whether you’re a seasoned traveller or motorhoming beginner.

Advantages of a motorhomes with a fixed bed

A further advantage of fixed bed motorhomes is the separation of the sleeping area from the rest of the living space. This provides privacy and allows one person to sleep while others can continue using the living area for activities such as dining or watching TV. It’s an excellent arrangement for couples and families, particularly those who have varying schedules. Many fixed beds also have large storage compartments underneath, allowing you to stow your belongings securely. The adjacent washroom setup, often found in this type of layouts gives a luxury en-suite feel. Whether you’re looking to set out on a weekend adventure or extended trip, a fixed motorhome is the ultimate travel companion for your every need. Why not find out more by getting in touch with us or booking your visit at Don Amott Leisure Kingdom today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixed Bed Motorhomes

Motorhomes with a fixed bed layout are designed to provide a permanent sleeping area that doesn’t require setup or conversion each night. The specific layout can vary depending on the model and size of the motorhome, but typically includes the following features:

1. Fixed Bed Position: The fixed bed is usually located in the rear of the motorhome, although in some models it may be situated over the cab (in the case of over-cab bed designs) or in the middle. Rear fixed beds can be arranged as corner beds, which save space, or as central island beds, offering easier access from both sides.

2. Living and Dining Area: Towards the front, there’s usually a living and dining area with seating that can often be converted into additional sleeping space. This area may include a table, bench seats, or swivel front seats that become part of the living space.

3. Kitchen Facilities: The kitchen is typically located in the middle of the motorhome, equipped with essential appliances like a stove, oven, fridge, and sometimes a microwave, along with storage cabinets and a sink.

4. Bathroom Facilities: Most fixed bed motorhomes include a bathroom with a toilet, shower, and sink. The bathroom can be situated at the rear near the bedroom area or centrally located, depending on the layout.

5. Storage Solutions: Motorhomes with fixed beds often have storage solutions under the bed, overhead cabinets, and wardrobes. Some models also include external ‘garage’ storage accessible from the outside, ideal for larger items.

6. Additional Features: Depending on the size and model, these motorhomes might also include additional features like a slide-out section to increase living space, advanced entertainment systems, or more luxurious fittings.

Fixed bed layouts are popular for their convenience and comfort, as they provide a ready-to-use bed without the need to rearrange the living space every night. They are particularly appealing to those who frequently travel or spend extended periods in their motorhome.

Fixed bed motorhomes offer the convenience of not having to convert the living area into a sleeping space every night. They provide a permanent, comfortable sleeping arrangement, often with dedicated storage space underneath.

Common types include double beds, twin single beds, French beds (corner cut-off), and transverse beds (across the width of the motorhome at the back). Some larger motorhomes offer island beds with access from both sides.