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New & Used 2 Berth Motorhomes for Sale

View our superb range of 2 berth motorhomes for sale. Offering compact but functional living, we supply motorhomes from the industry’s most renowned British and European manufacturers including Elddis, Swift, Bailey, Knaus and Auto-Trail. Explore our huge range of models today – the perfect choice for couples or solo travellers.

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About our 2 berth motorhomes for sale

Compact motorhomes don’t always mean less. Discover our 2 berth motorhomes here at Don Amott, with a huge range of new and used models available, designed to help you feel at home. The perfect combination of style and practicality, our compact motorhomes present a whole host of space saving solutions, with home-style sleeping arrangements, and smart storage as well as contemporary washrooms and cooking facilities. What’s more, everyday living is made easy, with mod cons and utilities at every corner, giving you everything you need for hitting the road. Choose a layout or bed type to suit you, whether that be end washrooms and island beds for an ensuite feel, or a drop down bed to maximise day time living space.

Advantages of a 2 berth motorhome

There are a number of advantages which come with owning a 2 berth motorhome, including lower weight limits – most often weighing 3500kg or less, they can be driven by anyone with a standard category B (car) licence without having to obtain additional qualifications. Smaller motorhomes are also much easier to manoeuvre, offer better fuel economy and, like smaller houses, can be much more efficient to heat. You can also rest assured that all of our used 2 berth models have been thoroughly inspected by our expert technicians – with parts replaced where necessary – before being put up for sale. Visit our forecourt and drive away your dream motorhome today, with finance deals available.

We also offer a part exchange service – perhaps you’re looking to trade in your larger motorhome, or simply searching for a newer model.

Frequently Asked Questions About 2 Berth Motorhomes

There is a wide range of 2 berth motorhomes available on the market, perfect for couples or solo travellers, but which 2 berth motorhome is the best?

The answer to this question very much depends on the features that you value most. Despite being a compact motorhome, you will find our selection of 2 berth motorhomes are available in a range of layouts and sleeping arrangements. With vehicles such as the Auto-Trail V-Line and the Elddis Autoquest, you can’t go wrong.

At Don Amott, we offer only the best and most reputable brands in the leisure vehicle sphere, therefore you can rest assured that you will have a selection of only the best 2 berth motorhomes to choose from.

In terms of motorhomes, the word ‘berths’ refers to how many people can sleep in the vehicle. So in this case, a 2 berth motorhome can sleep 2 people – usually with a double bed or two single beds.

It is important to note that the number of berths does not always correlate to the number of people that can travel in the vehicle.

As of 20th October 2007, a new law mandated that all new motorhomes must be equipped with seatbelts in all seats, with the exception of those designated for use only when the vehicle is stationary. It is strongly advised that every passenger should be using a seatbelt while the vehicle is in motion. However, it’s noteworthy that there is no specific legal requirement for manufacturers to match the number of seatbelts with the number of berths in a motorhome. Additionally, there is no explicit legal prohibition against using seats without seatbelts while traveling, whether in newer motorhomes that have designated seats for traveling or in older models that lack seatbelts in the living area behind the driver’s seat.

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