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New & Used A-Class Motorhomes for Sale

Discover our A-Class motorhomes here at Don Amott, the luxury answer to modern touring. Some of the largest on the market, A-Class motorhomes are supremely spacious, with a whole host of home-styles features and utilities, making your holidaying experience extra special. An increasingly popular choice, A-Class motorhomes are equipped with all the amenities you could expect to find in your own home, from contemporary kitchens and bathrooms to premium engineering. Visit us here at Don Amott today to view these exceptional vehicles in action.

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About A-Class motorhomes

Showcasing some of the best engineering that money can buy, A-Class motorhomes are simply top of the range. The drivers cab of an A-Class motorhome is contained within the main body of the vehicle, offering an extra spacious feel, perfect for socialising. The swivel cab seats add to this, doubling up as dinette seating and increasing the integration of the living space. The luxury associated with A-Class models can be found at every turn, with fully equipped kitchens, premium flooring, modern upholstery, spacious bathrooms and all the storage.

Features of an A-Class motorhome

Offering a choice from a variety of different functional layouts and sleeping accommodations including bunk beds, island beds, with many featuring a designated bedroom area for additional privacy. There’s space for the whole family, with additional convertible beds in the lounge/dinette areas depending on your own specific needs. What’s more, there’s also a whole range of mod cons from multimedia systems and air conditioning to LED lighting, flat screen TVs and reverse parking cameras. Want to get the best motorhomes that we have to offer? Get in touch today for more information or to book your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About A-Class Motorhomes

A Class A motorhome is a type of leisure vehicle that is typically the largest and most luxurious of the motorhome classes. These vehicles are built on a specially designed motor vehicle chassis and are known for their size, amenities, and comfort, making them a popular choice for extended travel and full-time living on the road.

Key characteristics of Class A motorhomes include:

1. Size: Class A motorhomes are usually the largest available, ranging in length from about 25 feet to 45 feet or more. This size provides ample living space, including large living areas, full-sized bathrooms, and often multiple slide-outs to expand the interior space.

2. Amenities: They are often equipped with high-end amenities comparable to a luxury home. This can include full kitchens with high-quality appliances, spacious bathrooms, comfortable sleeping quarters, and advanced entertainment systems.

3. Design: Class A motorhomes typically have a bus-like appearance with a flat, vertical front end and large windscreens. The interior design can range from functional to opulent, with options for customisation to suit personal preferences.

4. Living and Storage Space: The large size of Class A motorhomes allows for considerable living and storage space, both inside and underneath the vehicle in ‘garage’ compartments.

6. Driving and Licensing: Driving a Class A motorhome typically requires a bit of practice due to its size. In some regions, a special license or endorsement may be required, especially for the larger models.

Class A motorhomes are ideal for those who want the maximum space and luxury from their motorhoming experience, whether for weekend getaways, extended vacations, or full-time living.

In the UK, the type of driving licence required for an A Class motorhome (Class A motorhome) depends primarily on the vehicle’s weight and when you obtained your driving licence.

  • Licences Issued Before 1 January 1997: If you passed your driving test before 1 January 1997, you automatically received category C1 entitlement on your licence. This allows you to drive vehicles weighing up to 7.5 tonnes, which covers most A Class motorhomes.
  • Licences Issued After 1 January 1997: If you passed your driving test after this date, your standard category B driving licence only permits you to drive vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes (3,500 kilograms). Most A Class motorhomes exceed this limit. Therefore, if your motorhome is heavier, you’ll need to pass an additional test for category C1 entitlement.
  • Heavier Motorhomes: If the A Class motorhome exceeds 7.5 tonnes, which is less common, you would need a category C licence, typically associated with HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle) drivers.

Always check the specific weight (Maximum Authorised Mass) of the motorhome, which should be listed in the vehicle’s handbook or on a plate inside the vehicle. Additionally, keep in mind that these weight limits include everything in the motorhome, such as passengers, fuel, water, and personal belongings.