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New & Used Fixed Bed Touring Caravans for Sale

At Don Amott, our caravans cater for all living arrangements. Fixed bed caravans are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts and holidaymakers looking to explore the open road. These caravans come equipped with a permanent, fixed bed that offers unparalleled comfort and convenience during travel.

Touring Caravans with Fixed Bed Layouts

One of the major advantages of fixed bed caravans is the ease and convenience they provide. Unlike traditional caravans that require setting up beds every night, fixed bed caravans offer a ready-made sleeping space. This makes it ideal for families or couples who prefer a hassle-free experience while on the road. Additionally, these caravans usually have ample storage space underneath the fixed bed, making it easy to store belongings and keep the living area clutter-free.

Need More Sleeping Space? Then a Fixed Bed Caravan is for you!

The fixed bed in a caravan is typically larger and more comfortable compared to foldable or convertible bed options. Having a dedicated sleeping space that doesn’t need to be converted every night ensures a consistent and comfortable sleeping environment, enhancing the overall camping experience. Within Don Amott’s selection of fixed bed caravans for sale, you will find options such as island beds, which offer the luxury of a full-sized bed that is easily accessible, along with twin beds and French bed layouts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fixed Bed Caravans

Yes, there are 2 berth fixed bed caravans available, including the new T@B caravans here at Don Amott. These compact models offer the convenience of a fixed bed, providing comfort and ease without taking up much space, making them ideal for couples or solo travellers.

Common caravan mattress sizes are typically smaller, including:

• 72 inches x 48 inches (183 cm x 122 cm)
• 75 inches x 52 inches (191 cm x 133 cm)
• 78 inches x 60 inches (198 cm x 152 cm)