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New & Used 6 Berth Motorhomes for Sale

View our range of 6 berth motorhomes, the ideal choice for families seeking spacious and comfortable accommodations on their adventures. Renowned brands like Swift, Auto-Trail, and Roller Team offer exceptional options with large living areas designed to meet the needs of multiple occupants. With versatile sleeping arrangements and cleverly designed layouts, these motorhomes offer an excellent way to explore the world as a family while enjoying all the comforts of home. We sell both new and used 6 berth motorhomes, giving you even more freedom to choose your budget, model and type of motorhome.

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About our 6 berth motorhomes

Many of the top manufacturers on offer here at Don Amott make larger 6 berth motorhomes, with many designed specifically for families. Whilst providing large living areas where everyone can relax, dine, and enjoy quality time together, these motorhomes also present the ultimate home-from-home experience where you can enjoy extended periods comfortably on the road. Auto-Trail and Roller Team supply impressive family-friendly motorhomes, designed to accommodate 6 people. With generous beds including drop down, over cab and twin beds, there’s an option to suit everyone – with many models providing separate bedrooms to the rear for additional privacy. As far as cooking and washing are concerned, these luxury motorhomes have got you covered, with contemporary kitchens and functional washrooms, the latter featuring fully enclosed shower cubicles and home-style washbasins among various other highlights. From the family ready Swift Voyager with end lounge, to the Auto-Trail Imala with end bedroom layout, there’s something for everyone in our 6 berth range.

Driving a 6 berth motorhome

Many of our 6 berth motorhomes, despite being among the largest motorhomes on the market (aside from A-Class) have a weight of 3500kg or less, which means it’s likely you won’t have to obtain a C1 classification on your standard car licence – if you haven’t already. What’s more, you can rest assured the whole family will remain entertained throughout your trips, with all the mod cons including smart TVs and motorhome WIFI along with essential utilities such as Truma heating and 230V power supply socket.

Frequently Asked Questions About 6 Berth Motorhomes

The length of a 6 berth motorhome can vary significantly depending on the make, model, and design. On average, 6 berth motorhomes typically range from about 6 meters (approximately 20 feet) to 9 meters (about 30 feet) in length. However, some models might be slightly shorter or longer. Larger 6 berth motorhomes often provide more living space and amenities, while more compact models focus on ease of manoeuvrability and parking.

It’s always best to check the specific dimensions of the individual model you’re interested in for accurate measurements.

The weight of a 6 berth motorhome varies widely depending on the make, model, and the features it includes. Generally, the weight can range from around 3,500 kilograms to 5,000 kilograms or more. Lighter models are often built on smaller chassis, therefore you may not need any additional driving qualifications, while heavier models are built on larger chassis and are likely to be equipped with more luxurious features and additional space.

It’s important to note that the weight specified by the manufacturer typically refers to the Maximum Authorised Mass (MAM), also known as the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), which is the total weight of the motorhome including passengers, fuel, water, and any personal belongings. Knowing the exact weight of the motorhome is crucial, especially for driving license and legal compliance, as vehicles over 3,500 kg MAM may require a specific type of driver’s license to operate legally in many jurisdictions. Always check the specific details for the motorhome model you are considering for precise weight information.

A 6 berth motorhome, designed to accommodate up to six people for sleeping, typically falls into the Class C category of motorhomes. Class C motorhomes are known for their distinctive cab-over design, where a portion of the living space extends over the cab area. This design often includes a bed or storage space in the cab-over section, contributing to the motorhome’s ability to comfortably sleep six people.

Class C motorhomes offer a balance between the larger Class A motorhomes, which are similar to commercial buses in size and amenities, and the smaller Class B motorhomes, which are more like converted vans. Class C vehicles are built on a truck or van chassis and are popular for their relatively more manageable size compared to Class A motorhomes, while still providing ample living space, making them suitable for families or larger groups.

It’s important to note that while most 6 berth motorhomes are Class C, there can be exceptions depending on the specific design and layout of the motorhome. Always check the specifications of the individual motorhome model for the most accurate classification.