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New & Used 8ft Wide Touring Caravans for Sale

8ft wide caravans, often referred to as extra wide caravans, have become a popular choice among weekend travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. These spacious tourers offer a range of benefits that make them stand out in the world of leisure vehicles.

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Why Choose to Buy an 8ft Wide Caravan at Don Amott

The extra width of an 8ft wide caravan provides significantly more interior space compared to standard-width models. This extra room allows for more comfortable living quarters, with ample space for a well-equipped kitchen, a cosy sleeping area, and a spacious bathroom. It also provides additional storage options, allowing travellers to bring along all the necessities for their journey.

More Space and More Stability!

Generally, the increased width enhances the overall stability of the caravan, making it more resistant to crosswinds, providing a smoother ride on the road. This stability is especially important for those who plan to spend long hours behind the wheel or travel in challenging weather conditions.

Additionally, 8ft wide caravans often come with luxurious amenities and modern conveniences, such as slide-out sections that further expand the living space, entertainment systems, and advanced climate control systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About 8ft Caravans

Several manufacturers offer 8ft wide caravans, providing more space and luxury. Bailey produces models like the Pegasus Grande and Alicanto Grande. Swift’s Challenger X and Elegance Grande are also popular choices. Coachman’s Laser and Laser Xcel models are known for their premium features. Each brand’s 8ft wide caravans cater to those seeking extra comfort and room.

In an 8ft wide caravan, like the Bailey Alicanto Grande, Swift Challenger X, and the Coachman Laser Xcel, you can find various layouts. These include spacious lounges, large kitchen areas, and comfortable dining spaces. Most have fixed double beds or twin beds, with some offering innovative island beds. The extra width allows for roomier washrooms and more storage space, making these caravans ideal for longer trips or those seeking a more luxurious camping experience.