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New Campervans for Sale at Don Amott

Explore the world of campervans, also known as campers or van conversions. These compact, self-contained leisure vehicles offer a cozy space, seamlessly blending the driving area with living quarters, all built on a van chassis. At Don Amott, we make owning a new campervan easy with part exchange options and finance solutions. Browse our selection of new campervans for sale using our user-friendly product finder to discover the ideal choice for you. Need expert advice? Contact us today or visit our showroom to see our campervans in person!

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Luxury meets convenience

Discover the versatile world of campervans, also known as campers, van conversions, or panel vans. These compact, self-contained leisure vehicles offer the perfect blend of convenience and adventure. Unlike larger motorhomes, campervans are built on a van chassis, making them easier to drive, park, and navigate through both mountain and city roads.

All the features

Don’t let their size deceive you; today’s campervans pack all the high-end features of a new A-class motorhome into a brilliantly utilised space. Equipped with showers, hobs, fridges, beds, and seating areas, our range of new campervans are ideal for weekend getaways, sporting holidays, or couples on the move. Their size and versatility also make them an excellent choice as a secondary vehicle.

New campervans in stock

For the 2024 season, Don Amott Leisure Kingdom proudly offers an even wider selection of new campervans for sale. We’re excited to introduce new ranges from renowned brands like Auto-Trail, Bailey, Elddis, Knaus, Swift, and Weinsberg.

Frequently Asked Questions About All New Campervans

Here at Don Amott, we stock a wide range of top manufacturers including Bailey – featuring the brand-new Endeavor range for 2024 – Swift, Knaus and Weinsberg. Innovative and robust, our new campervans make the most of top-quality Ford and Fiat van bases.

New campervans from Don Amott come with a manufacturer warranty, typically lasting one to three years. This warranty covers multiple components including the engine, chassis, built-in appliances, and electrical systems. Coverage specifics vary by manufacturer, with some offering more comprehensive plans, including roadside assistance and wear and tear items coverage. These warranties ensure peace of mind, maintain value, and keep the motorhome functional.

In 2024, new campervans from brands like Elddis, Auto-Trail, Swift, Bailey, and Weinsberg offer varied layouts. These include configurations with end bathrooms, providing privacy and convenience. Some models feature end kitchens, optimising space and efficiency. Bed configurations vary, from fixed beds to flexible arrangements that transform seating areas into sleeping spaces. Each brand caters to different preferences, ensuring a range of options for comfort and practicality. View our product listings and floorplans on each model page to find out the specific layout for your chosen model. Or, why not chat with one of our expert team about your specific campervan needs.

When considering new campervans, reliability is a key factor. Elddis and Swift are noteworthy brands in this regard. Elddis is known for its solid construction and innovative designs. Swift stands out for its modern amenities and robust build quality. Each brand offers a unique blend of reliability and comfort.

In the UK, you can generally drive a campervan with your standard car driving licence, as long as the vehicle’s weight doesn’t exceed 3,500 kilograms. If the campervan is heavier than that, you might need a different licence. Always check the vehicle’s weight and your licence category to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

In the UK, a newly converted panel van requires an MOT once it is three years old, just like any other vehicle. However, if the conversion alters its classification, for instance into a campervan, you must inform the DVLA. This reclassification could potentially change the type of MOT required, but it doesn’t exempt the vehicle from needing an MOT altogether.