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New & Used Campervans Over 3,500kg for Sale

At Don Amott, our campervans over 3,500kg provide unprecedented luxury and amenities. These campervans are ideal for those adventurers who like to travel further afield or for longer periods of time due to their enhanced living space and storage options.

Explore luxury campervan living

Campervans over 3500kg fall into a category that often blends the agility of a campervan with the amenities of a larger motorhome. Due to their heavier weight, they may require a specific license or additional endorsements to drive, depending on regional regulations. These larger campervans are typically more spacious, often featuring enhanced living spaces, more robust kitchen facilities, and sometimes even built-in bathroom amenities.

Perfect for longer trips

The extra weight capacity allows for the inclusion of luxury features, such as larger beds, comprehensive entertainment systems, and sometimes even slide-out sections to expand living areas. These campervans provide a level of comfort and self-sufficiency that appeals to those who wish to travel in style and are planning extended stays or long-distance journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions About Campervans Over 3500kg

In the UK, you need a Category C1 driving licence to operate a campervan that weighs over 3,500kg. If you passed your car driving test before January 1, 1997, you automatically have this entitlement. However, if you passed your test after this date, you only have a Category B licence, which limits you to vehicles up to 3,500kg. To drive heavier campervans, you must take an additional test to upgrade to the C1 category.

Buying a campervan over 3,500kgs offers more space and comfort, allowing for larger sleeping areas, a more comprehensive kitchen, and additional storage. These heavier campervans often have enhanced features like better insulation and more robust construction, providing a more luxurious and comfortable camping experience.