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New & Used 6 Berth Touring Caravans for Sale

We’re proud to offer large caravans with 6 berths here at Don Amott, specially designed with practical living features to cater to the needs of families, ensuring a comfortable experience for everyone on board. These spacious caravans typically offer a range of amenities and layouts that make family holidaying convenient and enjoyable. Discover our current stock below.

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What are the Benefits Of Purchasing a 6 Berth Caravan?

6 berth caravans are designed with practical living features to accommodate the diverse needs of families. As the ultimate hub for relaxation following a long day on the go, our caravans offer a huge range of sleeping solutions. A great portion of the 6 berth caravans we stock have bunk beds, which are perfect for families with children, whilst saving interior space for daytime living space. There’s also fixed double beds in dedicated bedrooms, or even convertible dinettes/sofa beds – versatility which allows families to adapt the caravan’s sleeping arrangements to their needs.

A Larger Caravan for That Extra Space

Additionally, caravans with more berths often have a width of 8 feet, which offers even more space for contemporary utilities including fully fitted kitchens with stoves, refrigerators and dining table for eating and socialising, as well as functional bathrooms with toilets, sinks and showers. You can also get the full home-from-home experience, with heating/air conditioning systems, TV, USB points and ambient LED lighting. To top it off, there’s so much storage, from soft close cabinets to under bed compartments, essential for keeping belongings organised and secure.

Why 6 Berth Caravans are Ideal for Families

6 berth caravans are ideal for families because they offer ample space and flexibility, crucial for comfortable family holidays. With enough sleeping areas for parents and children, these caravans eliminate the need for setting up additional sleeping arrangements each night. The extra berths can also double as storage or play areas during the day. Moreover, larger caravans often come with more living space, meaning families can enjoy time together without feeling cramped. This extra space is especially beneficial on longer trips or rainy days when outdoor activities might be limited. In essence, 6 berth caravans provide the perfect balance of comfort, space, and practicality for family adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions About 6 Berth Caravans

Many caravan models feature bunk beds, catering to families and those needing extra sleeping space. Brands such as Bailey and Swift offer various models with this option. The Bailey Alicanto Grande and Swift Sprite ranges often include layouts with bunk beds. These bunk bed caravans are great for maximising sleeping areas without sacrificing living space, making them ideal for family trips.

A 6 berth caravan offers several benefits, especially for families. It provides ample sleeping space, eliminating the need for extra beds each night. This space can also be used for storage or as a play area. With more room, families can enjoy time together comfortably, even on longer trips or rainy days. Additionally, the larger size often means better facilities and more living space, making the caravan experience more enjoyable and less cramped for everyone.