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New Auto-Trail Campervans

New Auto-Trail campervans at Don Amott

Auto-Trail’s collection of campervans continues to impress year-on-year – and the three ranges rocking up for 2024 have all returned for last year’s selection. These compact, sporty new Auto-Trail campervans benefit from having the capacity to double up as an everyday vehicle when needed. Find out more today about your next Auto-Trail campervan.

Here at Don Amott we are excited to announce our 2024 line-up of new Auto-Trail campervans. These high-tech, high-spec models are the pinnacle of campervan engineering excellence, whichever model you choose, and come with an affordable price tag. Auto Trail campervans are known for their high quality build, featuring luxury interiors designed for comfort as well as practicality, plus innovative design including spacious living areas and comfortable sleeping arrangements and plenty of tech to make driving a pleasurable experience. Each Auto-Trail campervan weighs in at just under 3.5 tons, making them perfect for anyone who may be new to the lifestyle, and they can be driven on almost any standard UK licence. Most are under or just over 6m in length so are easy to handle and manoeuvre on the road and don’t have to be quite the parking struggle one might imagine. The Auto-Trail Expedition is a nimble, versatile range which doesn’t compromise on lifestyle features. As well as a fixed French bed, it features a Whale gas and electric heating and hot water system, ideal for keeping warm whilst off grid. The pop-top Auto-Trail Adventure range is great for, as the name suggests, the ‘adventurous’ who enjoy nothing more than heading off into the wilds to explore. Wi-Fi and two bike racks add to the overall theme of this van, ideal for weekends away enjoying the pastimes you love. The V-Line is a range of two varying configurations, the SE and Sport.

There’s bound to be something for you amongst Auto-Trail’s excellent range of campervans for 2024. Give Don Amott a call to arrange a viewing.


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