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New & Used Campervans Excluding Bathrooms for Sale

If you’re looking for optimal space from your vehicle, then campervans excluding bathrooms might be perfect for you. With additional space for living and storage, our selection of campervans without bathrooms are perfect for city explorers.

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Unrivalled affordability 

Campervans without bathrooms offer a more simplified and often more affordable travel option. They tend to be more compact, providing greater manoeuvrability and ease of parking, which is ideal for city exploration or navigating narrow roads. While lacking onboard bathroom facilities, these campervans typically allocate more space for living areas or storage, allowing for a more spacious interior layout.

Lower maintenance

Travellers opting for these models usually rely on public restrooms, campground facilities, or portable toilet solutions for their needs. This minimalist approach appeals to those who prioritise simplicity, lower maintenance, and a closer connection to the outdoors, embracing the adventure spirit that comes with a bit more ruggedness and self-sufficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions About Campervans Excluding Bathrooms

If you buy a campervan without a toilet, you have several options. You can use public restrooms or facilities at campsites. Alternatively, consider purchasing a portable camping toilet for convenience and privacy. These are compact and can be easily stored in your campervan.

The smallest campervans on the market are typically compact, panel van conversions designed for efficiency and ease of driving. They often exclude bathrooms and washrooms, catering more to spontaneous, short trips rather than extended living. These campervans focus on basic amenities, prioritising mobility and simplicity.