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New & Used End Washroom Touring Caravans for Sale

End washroom caravans are a popular choice among camping enthusiasts and those who love the freedom of a leisure vehicle. End washroom refers to the placement of a full-sized bathroom at the rear end of the caravan, leaving ample living space in the front. Select from a range of new and used end washroom caravan tourers below, and arrange a visit to Don Amott’s Derbyshire branch for a viewing today!

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Touring Caravans with End Washroom Layouts

At Don Amott, we believe that one of the main advantages of an end washroom caravan is the convenience it offers. Having the bathroom at the back means easy access and privacy. Whether it’s a quick shower or using the toilet, there’s no need to manoeuvre through the living area or disturb others. This arrangement also eliminates the need for a fixed partition wall, making the living space feel more open and spacious.

End washroom caravans usually feature a separate shower cubicle, toilet, and washbasin. The shower is often spacious enough to comfortably stand and move around in, providing a relaxing bathing experience. The toilet is usually a cassette type, which can be easily removed and emptied while the washbasin is typically equipped with hot and cold water, allowing for proper handwashing.

Functionality and Practicality with an End Washroom Caravan

The rear placement of the washroom also enhances the overall layout and functionality of the caravan. With the bathroom taking up the back space, the front area can be designed as a comfortable living and dining area, complete with seating, storage, and a kitchenette. This layout ensures a seamless flow and easy movement within the caravan, enhancing the overall camping experience. To view our end washroom caravans in person, contact us today to arrange a visit to our showroom.

Frequently Asked Questions About End Washroom Caravans

Buying a new or used end washroom caravan offers privacy and convenience, separating the sleeping and living areas from the bathroom. It maximises space, making the caravan feel larger and more comfortable, and often includes luxurious features, enhancing the overall camping experience.

Yes, end washroom caravans and end bathroom caravans are the same.