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New & Used Motorhomes with End Lounge for Sale

Discover end lounge motorhomes here at Don Amott, equipped with relaxing scenic sofa space to unwind after a long day exploring. Whether you are travelling in a couple or as a larger family, end lounges offer the ultimate haven, prioritising premium on-the-road comfort. The panoramic rear window and the elevated position of the lounge area create a unique and enjoyable atmosphere for all passengers. Book your appointment to view our range of end lounge motorhomes today.

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Advantages of a motorhome with an end lounge

Passengers can relax and take in the beauty of the surroundings, whether it’s a calming lakeside or city view. The open and spacious design of the lounge area promotes social interaction and relaxation among the whole family – an ideal space for gathering with family or friends, playing games, or simply enjoying a meal together. It’s also a great space to make full use of the entertainment system and mod cons that can be found in many of our motorhomes, including sound systems and TV.

An end lounge provides privacy and space

The separation of the lounge from the sleeping areas can also offer additional privacy and noise isolation when needed. This is especially valuable for couples or travellers who enjoy different schedules, or simply desire their own space. The lounge in these motorhomes, in addition to any additional fixed beds elsewhere in the vehicle, often converts into sleeping accommodation come night time, allowing you to maximise the space during the day. Want to find out more about how an end lounge motorhome may be for perfect option you? Our experts here at Don Amott are always on hand to assist you with any queries you may have. Simply get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About End Lounge Motorhomes

An end lounge in a motorhome is a living area located at the rear of the vehicle. It typically features comfortable seating arranged around the perimeter, often in a U-shape or L-shape, offering a spacious and relaxed environment.

The main benefits include a spacious and comfortable area for relaxation, socialising, and dining. End lounges often provide panoramic views and can be converted into sleeping areas at night. They also offer additional storage solutions under the seating.

Absolutely. End lounge motorhomes are suitable for families as they provide a separate area for relaxation and entertainment, apart from the sleeping and dining areas.