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New & Used Coachbuilt Motorhomes for Sale

Also known as Class C motorhomes, coachbuilt motorhomes are recognisable for their distinctive shape, built on a chassis cab. Typically built on a Ford, Mercedes or Fiat chassis, among others, our coachbuilt motorhomes here at Don Amott come in a variety of berths and layouts, designed to make on-the-road living easier than ever. Whatever your requirements, whether you’re travelling as a couple or a family, we’ve got a motorhome to suit you. Get in touch today for more information or to book your visit.

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Types of coachbuilt motorhomes

Classified into two types – low profile and over cab – our coachbuilt motorhomes showcase some of the best motorhoming engineering that money can buy. Retaining the base vehicle cab shape, low profile motorhomes offer a streamlined design, whilst over cab models provide additional sleeping accommodation over the driving cab, giving way to the distinctive ‘over hang’ design, accessed via a ladder or staircase from the main living area.

What you can expect from a coachbuilt motorhome

Living amenities

All types of coachbuilt motorhome from us here at Don Amott feature top-quality living areas, equipped with everything you require on the road, from dinettes, generous seating, contemporary kitchens with utilities including hob, fridge and sink, along with plenty of storage compartments. There’s also a modern bathroom, with shower, washbasin and toilet, along with a whole host of mod cons including heating systems, air conditioning and electric hook up so you can enjoy holidaying all year round.


Whatever your requirements, whether you’re travelling as a couple or a family, you’re free to choose from any type of sleeping arrangement, from double island beds to twin beds to bunk beds. Get the best night’s sleep after a day on the move.


Many of our coachbuilt models weigh in at 3500kg, making them the perfect choice for beginners and touring veterans alike, as there is no need to obtain an additional driving licence classification. We stock both new and used coachbuilt motorhomes from the best manufacturers that the industry has to offer, including Auto-Trail, Swift, Bailey and Knaus. Book your visit to view our superb collection in person today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coachbuilt Motorhomes

A coachbuilt motorhome, also known as a Class C motorhome, is a type of leisure vehicle that is built on a commercial van or truck chassis with a custom-made living quarters body attached. This design typically features a distinctive over-cab area, which can be used for additional sleeping space, storage, or entertainment systems.

Key characteristics of coachbuilt motorhomes include:

1. Base Vehicle: The chassis and cab of a coachbuilt motorhome usually come from major vehicle manufacturers like Ford, Fiat, or Mercedes. This standard vehicle front-end includes the driving cab with all the usual controls and features of a normal vehicle.

2. Custom Living Area: Behind the cab, the living quarters are custom-built (or ‘coachbuilt’) by the motorhome manufacturer. This area is designed to include various amenities like beds, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a living/dining area.

3. Space and Comfort: Coachbuilt motorhomes are known for their spacious interiors, making them ideal for families and longer trips. The design efficiently utilises space, often including foldable or convertible furniture to maximise functionality.

4. Variety of Layouts: These motorhomes come in various layouts and sizes, offering different options for sleeping arrangements, living space, and storage, catering to a wide range of needs and preferences.

5. Amenities: Modern coachbuilt motorhomes are equipped with various amenities for comfort and convenience, such as heating and air conditioning, cooking facilities, refrigerators, and entertainment systems.

6. Over-Cab Area: The over-cab area is a hallmark of the coachbuilt design, often used for extra sleeping space, which is particularly useful for families or when accommodating additional guests.

Coachbuilt motorhomes strike a balance between manoeuvrability and spacious living accommodation, making them popular among a wide range of travellers, from couples to larger families.

A low profile coachbuilt motorhome is a type of motorhome that combines the custom-built living space of a traditional coachbuilt (Class C) motorhome with a more streamlined, aerodynamic design. Unlike standard coachbuilt motorhomes, which feature a distinctive over-cab bulge (often used for extra sleeping space), low profile models have a reduced height in this area, giving them a sleeker, more van-like appearance.