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Friday June 28, 2024

What are the Best Compact Motorhomes?

5 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Elddis Accordo 120

There are not too many things in life which offer the flexibility of being able to enjoy the open road – and, better still, enjoy it more-or-less on your own terms. A motorhome enables travellers to do so from the comfort of their own live-in vehicle. What a fantastically freeing way to go!

Surprisingly, however, for some the prospect of a larger vehicle does not appeal – and this is where compact motorhomes come into their own. Due to the smaller size, they offer the perfect tidily packaged blend of comfort, convenience and drivability, which enables easy travel for those who don’t fancy handling a larger vehicle.

One of the top vehicles in this popular category is the Elddis Accordo. In this edition of our blog, we’ll highlight the reasons that compact motorhomes can offer you something very special despite that reduced size, and we’ll showcase the things that make the Elddis Accordo range stand out as something special.

The Benefits of Driving Compact Motorhomes

There are several key aspects to compact motorhomes which benefit travellers in ways that larger vehicles do not.

a)      Manoeuvrability and Parking

One of the major advantages when driving compact motorhomes is the ease with which  they can be manoeuvred. Unlike larger motorhomes, compact models are great to take on the narrow or winding roads which tend to be found in rural and urban environments. Parking is also a significantly less stressful activity, as compact motorhomes are easier to handle during parking manoeuvres and will fit into standard parking spaces (and on smaller campsites).

b)      Fuel

Compact motorhomes tend to offer better fuel efficiency than their larger counterparts. Due to the lighter weight and smaller engine sizes, there is a much lower fuel consumption. This can offer substantial savings on costs for those who are planning travelling long distances or making frequent journeys.

c)      Driving Licence

In the UK, most compact motorhomes fall below the weight limit requiring a special category on a driving licence (i.e. 3,500kg MAM and the C1 category). This means compact motorhomes can be driven on a standard UK driving licence without the bearer / driver having to undertake additional training and testing requirements.

d)      Convenience and comfort

Despite their smaller size, the manufacturers of compact motorhomes don’t compromise on comfort or convenience. Ingeniously designed to make the very most of the available interior space, compact motorhomes usually offer all of the necessary amenities required for comfortable travel and, in some cases, exceed expectations. Comfortable social and sleeping areas, well-equipped kitchens and functional washrooms sit at the centre of life on the road, and this type of motorhome provides all of them while also being small enough to ensure an easy form of travel.

Elddis Accordo: A Standout Compact Motorhome

The Elddis Accordo range is a shining example of what compact motorhomes can offer. Featuring the usual innovative design, high-quality build and user-friendly features travellers would expect from Elddis, the Accordo upholds the Durham-based company’s reputation for excellence.

a)      Elddis Accordo 120

The Elddis Accordo 120 is one of the most recent additions to the range. There are various features which make it a top choice for compact motorhome travellers.

b)      Compact Yet Spacious

Measuring just under 6 metres long, the Elddis Accordo 120 is compact enough to make its way through tight spaces with relative ease. Despite the modest exterior dimensions, the interior of the 120 is particularly impressive. A spacious feel immediately greets you as you step through the door, due to clever design and efficient use of the available space. An inviting lounge area towards the rear provides a great social space and can convert into a double bed when required, providing ample sleeping space.

c)      Well-Equipped

The kitchen in the Accordo 120 showcases the Elddis commitment to both convenience and functionality. It includes a three-burner hob, an oven and grill, and a large fridge with a freezer compartment. There’s also plenty of storage for kitchen essentials such as cutlery, crockery and food! The washroom in the 120 features a toilet, sink and shower, and though it’s compact it is well-appointed, so travellers can freshen up without feeling restricted or compromised.

d) Technology and Safety

Elddis has equipped the Accordo 120 with an impressive suite of modern technology and safety features, most of which are controlled and monitored from the touchscreen control panel, including heating, lighting and water levels. Safety features such as ABS brakes, electronic stability control, and a reversing camera are all present in the vehicle to increase driving confidence and ensure every journey is a safe journey.

Other Models in the Elddis Accordo Range

a)      Elddis Accordo 135

Another notable model in the range is the Elddis Accordo 135. Similar to the 120, the 135 offers a compact design with a clear focus by Elddis on making sure the available interior space is maximised. The layout features a rear lounge which converts into a large double bed, making it ideal for couples requiring comfort and flexibility in a compact vehicle.

b)      Elddis Accordo 105

The Elddis Accordo 105 is a compact coachbuilt that’s perfect for solo travellers or couples. It features a front lounge that converts into two single beds or one double. It also features a fully equipped kitchen and washroom with separate shower cubicle. The shorter length of the 105 makes it particularly easy to drive and park, even in the tightest of spaces.

Why choose the Elddis Accordo?

Choosing a motorhome is a significant investment for any traveller – and the Elddis Accordo offers several compelling reasons it can be considered the best compact motorhome.

a)      Quality

Elddis motorhomes are well known for the high quality of their build and the durability that arises from this. The Accordo range benefits from the signature Elddis construction method – SoLiD (Strong, Light and Dry) – where all vehicles have a fully-bonded structure. This ensures a truly robust and long-lasting build, and the high quality technique also helps to keep the weight of the motorhome down.

b)      Design

The Accordo’s design as a compact motorhome necessarily focuses on making the most of the available space. Every inch of the interior is effectively engineered, making sure that all amenities and facilities function in full practicality without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. The attention to detail in the Accordo layout and the quality of the furnishings add to the overall great feel of these motorhome.

c)      Value

The Accordo range offers compact motorhome travellers excellent value for money. These vehicles provide high levels of comfort and convenience at a competitive price. Additionally, the lower running costs associated with compact motorhomes (as discussed earlier in this edition of our blog) make the Accordo a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Compact motorhomes represent a fantastic balance between convenience, comfort, practicality and drivability. Whether you’re an experienced motorhome owner looking for something trim and tremendous, or a newcomer looking to embark on your debut adventure of a lifetime, the Accordo range will provide you with a series of features and benefits that position it as a truly excellent choice. The Elddis Accordo stands out as one of the best compact motorhomes on the market today.