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Friday March 17, 2023

The Best Motorhoming Experience Tailored To You

4 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Experience Blog

Whether you’re ‘just’ a couple or ‘familied up’ and have a couple of kids, there’s a terrific motorhome experience waiting just for you. Life on the road can be the most fantastic way to spend your leisure time – whether that means a short romantic break in some sea-swept coastal village, or a longer holiday where all of you get to explore what this magnificent country has to offer.

Either way, it absolutely pays to get the perfect vehicle for you, whether that means a caravan, a camper conversion or a motorhome. Something which has all of the right features and a decent amount of space so that everyone’s happy for the duration of their trip. In essence, this boils down to choosing the right interior layout to suit your requirements.

Why think about motorhome layouts?

Motorhome layouts are often ‘dictated’ by the number of beds the vehicle needs to contain. This doesn’t mean that designers put the beds where they want and then just throw or squeeze everything else in there around them. There is a very clever balancing act to maximise the space to provide comfort as well as practical convenience. When it comes to the finished vehicle, the particular type of layout which will suit you personally is just that – personal. It’s down to your own sense of what will work for you.

The thing you should consider probably above all else is how many people are going to use the motorhome – and so what makes the most sense in terms of how you will live, and will you be happy living that way? It’s no good cramming everyone into a motorhome that just isn’t set out right for how you want to operate on a day to day basis. Take your time and consider what you really need.

Different types of motorhome layout

As we just mentioned, the layout of a motorhome will vary depending on the type of beds (or berths) and where they are situated. Despite this, there are still many variations of how everything else configures within the interior, giving you lots of choice. The types of description you might come across on listings include bunk-beds, fixed bed, French bed, single bed, convertible seating, pop top / electric drop down bed, end bathroom, end lounge, G-shaped seating, parallel bench seating, end kitchen, L-shaped lounge, galley kitchen, rear washroom, mid kitchen, mid washroom etc.

There are so many variations and combinations that it really does pay to think about how you want to live in your vehicle. That means thinking about the things you’ll be doing, and how many people will be doing them. If you plan for everyone to dine together, for instance, is the lounge / dining space and the table size and orientation adequate to cope? If you have kids you may not want their beds to be situated at the rear next to the bathroom – perhaps that will disturb them when they’ve gone to bed earlier than you? Questions like this are important to mull over when considering which layout will be best for you.

Personalise your vehicle to customise your layout

There are a number of things you can do to make your home away from home feel like your home back home! Small personal touches help to ‘customise’ your layout a little and make all of the difference, particularly if you’re on a break for a week or two and want to increase the comfort levels.

You may want to put some brightly coloured cushions in to the seating area, for example, to make it ‘pop’ whilst also feeling much cosier. You can perhaps put up a favourite picture or two or have some mementoes around the place to add to that “it’s all mine” vibe. If you have been to particular places in the vehicle and bought souvenirs, then you could always have those in there as constant reminders of happy times on great trips.

Layouts at Don Amott

Here at Don Amott we have a vast selection of vehicles up for grabs – so that means a vast array of layouts. Something to suit everyone, in fact. Don’t forget that we offer fantastic van conversions in collaboration with Camper King – VW campervan converters of the highest order. You can buy a bespoke VW campervan conversion which has been tailored to your specific needs, giving you fantastic opportunity to get a vehicle that is absolutely right for you right down to the last detail! At Don Amott, we offer a range of unique VW campervans in our ever-evolving stock, so you always have options for something great when it comes to conversions.

Buy from us today

Whatever layout you choose, in the end, we know you will have some fantastic times in the vehicle you’ve bought from us here at Don Amott. To pick one, simply browse our website – there are loads which will appeal! Don’t forget to spend a bit of time thinking about the practicalities and day-to-day things, as these should help inform your choice. If you need any further assistance and would like to talk to the experts, just get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from you – and we are here to help!