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Saturday October 1, 2022

Festivals and Glamping in a Campervan

4 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
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Luxury camping, or ‘glamping’ as it has commonly become known, is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. Now with an entry in the English dictionary, where ‘camping’ has become ‘glamorous,’ you can expect all kinds of comfort in this alternative to the traditional pitch up. Whilst the premise of camping is all very exciting and full of adventure, it tends to involve roughing it amongst the wilderness, with no resemblance to those home comforts we’re all accustomed to.

You may already at this point be considering glamping for your next holiday, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular option at events, particularly festivals. The likes of Glastonbury and the Isle of Wight festival have seen more campervans on site in recent years, with suitable areas provided to park up. If this beats being swamped amongst the sea of mud and tents and means there’s somewhere dry to sleep, then it’s sure worth it if you ask us!

You may be thinking, ‘isn’t the summer over?’ as we move into autumn. Though the festival season is certainly slowing down now, it’s a great time to consider the perks of glamping in your very own campervan for next year. If you’ve tried traditional camping and found pitching a tent or sleeping on an inflatable mattress a living nightmare, or if you are new to the idea entirely, glamping is a great way to enjoy the outdoor experience.

Festivals and Glamping has so many benefits

1.  Home comforts

The number one benefit which appeals to most people is that glamping offers those all-important home comforts whilst out on the open road. If you were to camp in a tent, or even go on holiday abroad, you cannot beat the comforts that a trusty campervan has to offer. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re at home whilst away from home? Unlike traditional camping, glamping brings electricity and water whenever you want it (providing you are stationed at a campsite with hook-up, of course), and there is simply no need to trek to public wash facilities (which may be unclean or overcrowded, particularly if you are attending a popular festival). Staying in a camper is also great because you can end a busy day in a nice comfortable bed before cooking up a delicious breakfast and brewing that morning coffee using the kitchen facilities many have to offer.

2.  Less packing

With all you can possibly need for glamping already in the campervan, preparation is extremely minimal both before and during the trip. With kitchen facilities, seating and a bed already in the camper, there is no need to pack a portable stove, chairs or inflatable beds. You may also be aware of how tricky putting up a tent can be if you’re new to camping, especially in the wind and rain – this can be unwanted hassle for many people wanting a stress-free trip.

3.  Security

Festivals are increasingly becoming hotspots for theft. If you are at a festival, where anyone in the crowd could potentially steal your possessions, the security of a locked vehicle is definitely more favourable than a tent as it offers much tighter security for valuable belongings. Somewhere safe and secure to store items such as laptops, tablets and cameras is essential, especially if you’re out exploring all day. You may also have a safe in your camper for that extra peace of mind.

4.  Privacy

Spending all day surrounded by the festival crowds can be exhausting. Staying in a campervan, away from the main tent areas, allows you to get some much-needed privacy – and quiet, too, which you might need if you’ve been listening to music all day long. By contrast, tent walls are not exactly thick, and there’s a chance you may be woken up several times during the night. You will also be able to get showered and dressed in the privacy of your own ‘home’ so to speak, all whilst staying away from the mud!

5.  Dog-friendly

Many festivals are now dog-friendly, especially those on the quieter side, such as country folk festivals, or even a dog festival itself! Taking your dog along in a campervan is much easier than attempting to settle them in a tent. Though it may be relatively easy for humans to settle down for the night, it can be a little harder for a dog, especially if the tent is small. You can also take steps to familiarise your dog with your campervan prior to travel to ensure your time away runs smoothly and your dog remains happy.

Things to bear in mind

1.  Planning

To avoid disappointment, you will have to plan in advance to purchase your campervan ticket as spaces can be fairly limited for some festivals and may sell out quickly. You may also be off grid for the duration of the event – if so, come equipped with things that don’t require hook-up, such as portable solar powered chargers for devices. Perhaps think about having solar panels or a freshwater storage tank installed.

2.  Parking

Ensure that you don’t park in restricted areas – festivals have designated areas for campervans, and sometimes have additional sites located nearby. Check exactly where you need to be prior to departure.

3.  If travelling abroad

Though COVID-19 rules are generally much more relaxed regarding travel abroad, check the rules for the country you are travelling to. All the latest advice can be sourced from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office.

Here at Don Amott, we’ve got you covered – whether you’re a seasoned glamper or trying it out for the very first time. We stock brand new campervans, available in an individual style to suit you, courtesy of our partners at Camper King, as well as a number of other leading manufacturers. We also have a wide range of used campervans arriving on our forecourt regularly. If you’ve caught the bug for a new adventure and feel like glamping is the solution for your next festival or getaway, contact us or visit our showroom to view our current stock. We’re confident that your perfect vehicle is out there waiting!