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Thursday April 20, 2023

Presenting The Best Motorhomes Of 2023

2 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Interior Admo Blog

February 2023 was a special month in the leisure vehicle industry, as the annual Caravan & Motorhome Club Design Awards were dished out during the big show at the NEC in Birmingham. Several of the manufacturers we stock were recognised with accolades, including Bailey, Auto-Trail and Auto-Sleepers, which all happen to be British brands. The last two of those we just mentioned, we stock as pre-owned vehicles, but we stock Bailey’s vehicles from new! So, in this celebratory edition of our blog we’ll focus in on each of them for a mini-profile and vehicle recommendation.


This company from Bristol has become one of the most established leisure vehicle manufacturers in the country, based on more than 70 years of experience and expertise. There’s plenty of quality with Bailey motorhomes, across both the Adamo and Autograph ranges. Each features really great interior design and features, including versatile seating areas and plenty of sleeping configurations across the models. The five Adamo models, for instance, feature front drop-down double, front convertible double and rear island in their various layout options, as well as rear u-shaped lounge (75-4DL) or front parallel lounge. The choice on offer means every family will definitely get a Bailey motorhome with the layout which best suits them. The Adamo scooped up three awards at the NEC, including the best ‘three or four berth coachbuilt motorhome under 7 metres’ with the Adamo 69-4.


This is a prestigious brand we usually have in stock in our ‘used’ department, meaning you can take advantage of the chance to stretch your budget to the max, and get more motorhome for your money. Auto-Trail has been designing and building motorhomes since the early 1980s, working through various innovations and great design ideas over those years. Auto-Trail received accolades across multiple categories including the best ‘van conversion with a fixed roof under 6 metres’ with the Auto-trail V-Line 610 Sport campervan.

Obviously, our stock of Auto-Trail motorhomes shifts as pre-owned vehicles sell really well – but at the moment we have several models in stock including the Grande Frontier GF70 (a 2021 model), a couple of terrific Frontier Delaware models (from 2018 and


The story of this company has remarkable but brilliant beginnings – a family wanted to go on holiday so built their own motorhome! Sixty years on and Auto Sleepers is recognised as one of the UK’s finest manufacturers, with quality vehicles coming out of their production hub in Willersey in the Cotswolds. Currently in stock with us here at Don Amott is a 2022 model Nuevo, a motorhome with some terrific features and a really appealing aesthetic – no surprise, given it picked up the award for best ‘two-berth coachbuilt motorhome under 6 metres.’

You can take a look at the rest of the nominations and winners on the Caravan and Motorhome Club website. Also available from Don Amott are a whole host of other top quality leisure vehicles – whether it’s campervans, VW camper conversions or even caravans that you’re after. We can help! Call us or get in touch to get your motorhome quotation, or to enquire about any vehicle you like the look of from browsing our website!