We are looking for an awning for our caravan but don’t know what size will fit?
If it’s a full awning we can look up the caravan size in our database, but however if it’s a porch awning the customer needs to check the distances between the windows and door on their particular vehicle.
What Calor cylinders can be interchanged?
Calor has three exchange groups : 6kg lightweight bottle can only be exchanged on a like for like basis, 6kg steel and 7kg steel can be swapped between the two and all other sized cylinders are interchangeable with each other.
What will I need and how much will it cost for a basic starter pack?
The basic items required for a starter pack are : Gas, Mains lead, water and waste carrier, battery, towing mirrors, step, hitchlock or wheelclamp. Which should cost you approximately £400.00.
How do I care for my leisure battery?
To prevent Sulphation, you need to ensure that you charge your battery after every use, and regularly recharge your battery during long periods without use.
What is Sulphation?
Sulphation is the process that occurs when a battery is left for a long period of time in a discharged state. A coating builds on the internal lead plates of the battery which leads to the battery building up an internal resistance. The resistance means that the battery is resistant to holding a charge and ultimately the battery is rendered useless.
What happens if you don’t stock a particular item in the accessory shop?
With our vast range of uk suppliers, almost any caravan accessory or spare that we do not carry can be ordered, dependent on the availability we can usually have an item within 4-5 working days. Otherwise we also have a large parts department associated with our workshop on site.