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Tuesday February 21, 2023

Will Motorhome Prices Drop in 2023? And Why Now May be a Good Time to Sell…

4 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Don Amott Motorhome Prices Blog

The prevailing financial climate has been, for many ordinary people, quite a challenge. It’s not difficult to work out that money has been on everyone’s minds for a while – just have a conversation with anyone and it will definitely come up. Making sure that ends meet has become a focus for an increasing number of families – but if you’re careful and you cut your coat according to your cloth, you will find yourself well covered despite financial uncertainties.

In business terms there have been a few things influencing the general ‘state of play’ in the last couple of years – including Covid. For the leisure vehicle industry, the pandemic has had a big impact – supply chain issues, for a start. So how does that, plus any other issues, affect the actual price of motorhomes?

What things affect a motorhome’s price?

1. Size

All motorhomes are built around a basic combination of driver’s cab, seating area, sleeping area, cooking area and washing area. The way these areas integrate in the floor plan of a motorhome will have a bearing on its size and weight and, therefore, a bearing on its price.

2. Berths

A berth is the area designated for one person to sleep – so a four berth motorhome sleeps four, for example. When you are in a family of four you are going to pick a motorhome which is four berth, so that there’s enough room for everyone to sleep – and this will have a bearing on the price. In some motorhomes you will find that the living room area seating converts into a bed, or you may find sleeping areas to be fixed island, bunk beds or French bed. The more berths there are, then the more likely the cost of the motorhome will be higher. A four berth will, in almost all instances, be more expensive than a two berth version of the same model, and less expensive than a six berth version of the same model.

3. Layout

The way the main features inside a motorhome are designed and positioned is referred to as the layout. Some motorhomes have larger social areas including seating, with additional functional spaces, such as a kitchen area or shower / washroom. The size, position and orientation of each of these can have a bearing on the overall cost of the motorhome.

4. Brand

There are many different brands of motorhome, with the price of each varying. When you are choosing which motorhome to buy, in the early stages it’s possible that you have a particular brand in mind – perhaps something a friend recommended, or something you have noticed online and liked the look of. There are unique ‘selling points’ for various brands, the things which each considers as their ‘core’ value. Some motorhome brands offer particular attention to interior technical detail as their main offer, whereas some focus on providing comfort and luxury or a plethora of cool features. Which brand you choose will have a bearing on the cost.

5. Features and equipment / accessories 

It follows logically that more features equates to an increase in the cost of the motorhome. When you are selecting your motorhome, it’s worth compiling a list of the features you require, and check them off as you look at the listing. Or, if you’re viewing on the forecourt in person, speak to the dealer and run through what features are on offer. Similarly, the accessories and equipment included in a motorhome is going to increase the cost.

Will motorhome prices drop in 2023?

The simple answer to this question is “no”. It’s unlikely that motorhome prices will drop in 2023… In the wider context of the financial climate (which we mentioned at the very start of this edition of our blog), you will know from your own day-to-day experience that the price of almost everything is rising. It’s the same in the leisure vehicle industry – costs for manufacturers are increasing and, therefore, the cost of the ‘finished product’ has to increase in line. Here at Don Amott we always offer unbeatable deals on new and used motorhomes. On the other side of the coin, you may be looking to sell and so are wondering “how much is my motorhome worth”?

What does this mean if I want to sell my campervan or motorhome?

It means you’ll get a great price – and you’ll be pleased to hear that when you twin that with the already great value you’ll receive from Don Amott, as is tradition. You’re definitely going to get the best price! Right now is quite a good time to sell as the general trend on value in the industry is up, and therefore you’ll get more for your motorhome.

Okay, I want to sell my motorhome. But how?

It’s a simple process, selling to us. It takes all of the hassle out of the sale – so you won’t find yourself swamped by paperwork, or internet faff, and you won’t find yourself deluged by callers, nor will you suffer tyre-kicking time wasters. Simply fill out a form and our team will be in touch to get more information (your motorhome’s make, model and year of manufacture). We’ll then view and value your vehicle, give you a motorhome quotation and offer you the money it’s worth. If a deal is agreed we’ll then collect it (from wherever you are in the country) and take it away. All of this can take just a few days.