Company History


Don Amott Senior

Founded by Don Amott Senior in 1963 from a relatively modest beginning. Mr. Amott, then a toy manufacturer’s agent, ventured into the caravan industry by hiring out holiday homes on the east coast.

During the winter season of 1963 he took his caravans to his toy warehouse – a disused railway station at Egginton Junction, Derbyshire.

The intention was to refurbish the caravans ready for the new season but an interest in these caravans by passers-by gave Mr. Amott the idea that was to spark one of the industry’s greatest success stories.

Mr. Amott visited other caravan sales grounds and soon came to the conclusion that he could offer the customer a more efficient,personal service and better value for money. So Don Amott Caravans was born, operating from Egginton Junction with a small garden shed for an office.

From selling second hand tourers, the company took on new tourers becoming dealers for some of the oldest and most respected names in industry; Willerby, Nene valley, Astral and Pemberton.

Mr. Amott, affectionately known to his customers as ‘Uncle Don’ changed the face of caravan retailing. Bulk buying enabled him to offer competitive prices – unheard of in the industry until then.

On leaving school in 1965, Don Amott junior joined the company and under his father’s guidance was soon contributing to its growth.


Leisure Kingdom old

Very soon, Don Amott Caravans outgrew its station yard home and in 1970, 48 acres of valuable farmland were purchased just 1 mile along the road towards Hilton, the current home of Don Amott Caravans and Motorhomes. From then the company went from strength to strength and were pioneers in providing caravan showroom facilities. Now selling over 6000 caravans a year!

Don bought his first residential park in 1973, Riverside Park in Burton on Trent.

Sadly, Mr. Amott senior died in February 1975 and Don Amott junior took the reins. He was later joined by younger brothers Mark, Paul and wife Mary.

Don junior buys Buttland Park near Tenby in 1976

Don buys Nettleton Park, Caistor, Lincs in 1979


Don Amott TV Commercial

Don Amott's Leisure Kingdom continued to expand in the 1980's with the introduction of their popular jingle and television campaigns.

Television campaign with jingle. Listen to our jingle in the sidebar on the right.

Television adverts

1983 New showroom extention opened.

1983 Caracamp Exhibition at Hilton, vast tented exhibition at Hilton.

1984 Bought Lakeside park, Caistor, Lincs

1986 Bought Willows Park, Lincs

1987 Bought Whispering Waters Park, Lincs

1988 Bought Windmill Park, Lincs

1989 New workshop built


A Don Amott park

1993/1994 Don Amott pioneers the introduction of mass market affordable motorhomes imported from Italy.

The first motorhomes imported are left hand drive Granduca Base models made by Group CI for £15000!

1996 More surrounding land bought around the Lincs parks.

1996 Began to import motorhomes from Mobilvetta Design of Italy, the prestigious A-Class Euroyacht

Start to import Elnagh motorhomes from Italy.

1998 New 8 bay workshops built to cope with the demand of the Italian motorhome sales.

1999 Start to import McLouis motorhomes from Italy.


Don Amott's Mega Store

2000 Further expansion of the parks including new indoor swimming pools, golf courses, and clubhouse facilities.

2003 Additional storage site, Henhurst Hill Burton on Trent. Large Industrial units bought in Burton on Trent for additional workshops to cope with sales.

2006 Due to sporting commitments and other business responsibilities, Don Amott sold his interest in the company to Tony Weavers, who became Managing Director, and Paul Coxon, Financial Director. Tony had been with the business since leaving college in 1969 but sadly passed away in June 2009 after a short illness. Following this tragic blow to the company, principal shareholder, Don Amott, returned to oversee the restructure of the management team.

2008 Became Auto-Trail motorhome dealers and Swift motorhome dealers.


Don Amott's Leisure Kingdom logo

2010 Became Bailey Caravan dealers

2011 Became Bailey Motorhome dealers

2013 Celebrated 50 years in business.

2017 Became Knaus Motorhome dealers.

One of the few leisure companies to sell touring caravans, motorhomes, park homes, holiday homes, own holiday parks, own residential park homes, caravan storage depots, MOT station.

Don Amott's Leisure Kingdom still upholds the philosophy set by its founder over 50 years ago - to offer excellent quality, the lowest possible prices and above all - make your customers your friends.