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New Bailey Alora Motorhomes

New Bailey Alora motorhomes for sale at Don Amott. The Bailey Alora stands out with its slimline silhouette and chic design, offering a unique and compact experience for your adventures. Embrace the world’s wonders from the cozy confines of the Alora; your gateway to exploration.

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About the new Bailey Alora range

As the latest streamlined model in Bailey’s motorhome collection, the Alora expertly balances the adaptability of a van conversion with the luxury of a coachbuilt vehicle. Available in three beloved layouts, each model measures 7 meters in length and 2.12 meters in width, with a Maximum Technically Permissible Laden Mass (MTPLM) of 3,500kg. This makes them easily drivable with a standard full UK driving license.

The Alora is designed for those who seek both the freedom of the road and the comforts of home, all wrapped up in a stylish, road-ready package.

Bailey Alora models

Bailey Alora 69-4I – A┬áthree-berth motorhome, the Bailey Alora 69-4I offers the flexibility of either 2 or 4 travel seats, catering to different travel needs. This model is distinguished by its parallel seat front lounge, ideal for relaxation and socialising. Centrally located are the kitchen and washroom, efficiently designed for convenience. At the rear, the bedroom features a longitudinal double island bed, providing a comfortable sleeping space. Additionally, the 69-4I includes an end garage at the back for extra storage, enhancing its practicality for various travel adventures.

Bailey Alora 69-4T – A versatile three-berth motorhome, available with either 2 or 4 travel seats to suit your needs. The 69-4T features a parallel seat front lounge, ideal for relaxing and dining. The heart of the motorhome houses a central kitchen and washroom, thoughtfully designed for functionality. In the rear bedroom, twin longitudinal single beds offer comfortable sleeping arrangements, and they can be conveniently converted into a large double bed as needed. This model also includes an end garage, providing ample space for storing sporting equipment or pet crates, making it an excellent choice for active travellers or those travelling with pets.

Bailey Alora 69-4S – The Alora 69-4S is a four-berth motorhome designed to accommodate diverse travel needs with the option of either 2 or 4 travel seats. It features a parallel seat front lounge, offering a comfortable area for relaxation and socialising. The motorhome is thoughtfully laid out with a central kitchen and washroom, providing convenience and efficiency. The rear bedroom is equipped with a spacious transverse double bed, ensuring a comfortable sleeping experience. Additionally, the 69-4S includes an end garage, perfect for storing sports equipment or spare supplies, enhancing its functionality for a variety of travel adventures.