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Saturday November 5, 2022

Introducing New T@B Caravans at Don Amott

2 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
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We’re proud to introduce some of the coolest caravans on the market here at Don Amott. The T@B caravan range – or T@B caravans as you may recognise them as – are a great alternative to larger caravans and motorhomes. They’ve become quite the icon in recent years. T@B caravans were first launched in 2001 by Knaus Tabbert, leading leisure vehicle manufacturer, and they were quick to gain cult status across the industry. Now with four impressive ranges available for the upcoming 2023 season, you’ll see exactly why – and you’re sure to be impressed by how much they have to offer.

Compact teardrop design

Teardrop Caravans

Teardrop caravans are popular because they are compact – perfect to get up and go, and an ideal pick for activity lovers. Generally, these types of caravan have appealed more to the younger demographic, however, there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy life on the road – the perfect couple’s haven.

Compact Caravans

Compact caravans are also appealing because it’s easier to travel to more remote locations, whilst being easy to park up and manoeuvre. Every T@B caravan can be towed on any standard category B driving licence – so there’s no need to worry about trying to gain an additional licence (which can often be the case with heavier vehicles).

Why not go for a tent?

Some people may try and tell you that if you’re going for a caravan that’s small, you may as well get a tent. Although T@B caravans are super lightweight, they are in fact deceptively spacious. There’s plenty of room for everyday living. Not to mention that putting up a tent, especially in the wind, is no mean feat. Being completely out in the elements with no heating and no home comforts is just not for everyone.

Home-from-home living

T@B caravans are surprisingly spacious, with 2-3 berth models in each range. Not only is there plenty of space for sleeping in the innovation that T@B brings, but there’s also a number of space-savers which allow for eating and cooking and washing at your convenience, including Truma heating, three-gas kitchen hobs, fixed double beds and comfortable lounges. Each model also has a stylish interior design scheme, with coordinated upholstery and fixed appliances – everything you could expect to enjoy in your own home.

Four epic ranges…

Don Amott welcomes four impressive ranges.

T@B Basic

Sporting a sleek and effortless aluminium shell, the T@B Basic range is a real crowd pleaser for those who love a classic. The extremely lightweight body allows for easy towing, making the Basic range the perfect option to pack up and go.

T@B Mexican Sunset

The Mexican Sunset range is the ultimate caravan to stand out from the crowd, with bright orange pattern graphics. Add some personality into your getaway today.

T@B Offroad

If you’re looking for a caravan to match your fast-paced lifestyle, the T@B Offroad range is a great option, with robust bumper and bigger tyres – for when things get a little bumpy.

T@B Metropolis

The T@B Metropolis gives a great balance, with abstract yet subtle graphics against the classic aluminium frame – ultimate urban chic.

Need more information or want to come along and see these impressive caravans for yourself?