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Tuesday November 28, 2023

Can you Spend Christmas in your Caravan?

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
caravan decorated for christmas

The holiday season is fast approaching – so expect an abundance of merriment, togetherness and being thankful, very soon. Whilst many people associate Christmas with adorning their bricks and mortar home with decorations and sparkling lights, it’s actually possible to be slightly less traditional and spend it in your caravan but still enjoy loads of festive fun. Despite the more compact amount of space available, spending Christmas in a caravan can be a delightful and memorable experience. In this edition of our blog we’ll explore various ways you can bring your caravan up to seasonal spec, turning it into a cosy haven for holiday celebrations…

1. Decorate!

There’s nothing quite as instant for getting into the Christmas spirit than decorating. Well, there is – but let’s leave eggnog and other seasonal tipples out of it for now.

Transforming your compact caravan space into a festive wonderland is a great way to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere to see you through the season. By using lightweight, space-saving decorations such as battery operated fairy lights and small ornaments, and by using a miniature Christmas tree that can fit snugly into a corner or onto the kitchen worktop, you’ll create a special ambience without completely overwhelming the area. You can even decorate your Christmas tree with personalised ornaments or handmade decorations to add your own creative flair.

2. Cook!

One of the highlights of Christmas is definitely the delicious food that comes with it. Gathering together your family or friends for a fantastic meal is a great way to relax – although it’s fairly traditional for the preparation of the meal to be a bit stressful! The space constraints will definitely limit your Christmas culinary endeavours, but it’s still possible to whip up a delightful Christmas feast in a caravan.

It will pay dividends to carefully plan your menu in advance, and to cleverly take account of the caravan kitchen’s facilities and capability. By simplifying traditional Christmas recipes (opting for one-pot dishes, say) or by prepping most items beforehand, you can come up with something pretty spectacular. If space is particularly limited, you could consider a festive picnic which includes finger foods (nearly everyone loves pigs in blankets), cheeses and fruit. Of course, there’s always good old Christmas cake to fall back on, too – perfect with a cup of tea!

3. Entertain!

Depending on where your caravan is sited for the festive season, the great outdoors could become an integral part of Christmas. If you are somewhere picturesque, that will provide a magical backdrop and you could plan in some plan outdoor activities such as a Christmas Day walk through wonderful scenery. If we happen to be having a particularly perfect Christmas, you could spend time building a snowman or having a snowball fight! Outdoor activities over Christmas not only allow you to appreciate the beauty of your surroundings, they also help you work off some of that fantastic festive food!

Entertaining within the caravan is also an option which is easily elevated into something special. Transform your caravan into a mini-cinema by hosting a Christmas movie marathon. Compile a list of holiday classics – we suggest It’s A Wonderful Life, Love Actually, Elf and Die Hard (oh yes, it’s definitely a Christmas film)! If you have Wi-Fi and TV capability in your caravan, then there is usually a ton of family-friendly seasonal stuff to watch – whether it’s a Doctor Who special or a Christmas edition of your favourite quiz. Create a snug space with blankets and cushions, load up on popcorn and hot chocolate and away you go.

You can also play games for Christmas in your caravan – whether that’s simple card games for fun (or difficult ones for money) or board games or even old-fashioned parlour games like charades. All of these can be a huge amount of fun and will help relieve any Christmas tension that’s built up. They’ll get your grey matter going too.

4. Gifts!

A central part of the Christmas experience is gift-giving (and, of course, receiving). Even in a caravan you can create a memorable exchange, with everyone gathered together. Set a budget and encourage everyone who will be attending on Christmas Day to find or create thoughtful gifts for each other. The emphasis here is on the sentiment not the size – don’t buy or ask for anything that will take up so much room in the caravan it becomes uncomfortable. Make it a special moment of connection and appreciation.

Celebrating the Christmas holiday in your caravan will certainly not be the most conventional way, but it will definitely provide you with a memorable experience, distinct from every other year. By making the effort to decorate a compact space and turn it into something cosy, by planning a festive menu, by engaging in outdoor activities and indoor games, by watching some terrific TV and by sharing thoughtful gifts, you can create an atmospheric and excellent Christmas which is all about joy and togetherness