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New 2024 Touring Caravans for Sale

Discover the latest 2023 and 2024 new caravan collection at Don Amott Leisure Kingdom, featuring the sleek and innovative T@b caravans by Knaus. As an official T@b franchisee, we offer compact, teardrop-shaped caravans ideal for active, adventure-seeking individuals and couples alike. Explore our four unique T@b ranges: Basic, Mexican Sunset, Metropolis, and Offroad, each designed to suit various preferences and lifestyles.

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New Caravan Tourers For Sale for the 2024 Season

If you’re looking for a new caravan with unique charm, our range of new T@B caravans are perfect for you. These new caravans, famous for their distinctive teardrop shape, are sure to turn heads wherever you travel.

The Three New T@b Caravan Ranges Just for You

You can choose from two different layouts and three special styles, each with its own character. The Basic T@B caravan is sleek and efficient for those who love a minimalist style.

The Metropolis T@B offers a more elegant look with sophisticated graphics and a dark frame. And for the adventurers, the Offroad T@B is ready for action, featuring bold graphics, sturdy tires, and a spirit made for exploring.

Discover your ideal new touring caravan at Don Amott’s expansive 48-acre site. We offer flexible payment options to turn your dream caravan into reality. Whether you’re a seasoned caravanner or new to the lifestyle, our range of new touring caravans will impress. Visit us today and start planning your next journey in style!

Frequently Asked Questions About All New Caravans

Don Amott currently stocks T@b caravans. These stylish and innovative models are now available with savings of up to £4,000, offering great discounts.

When looking for a new caravan, focus on size, cost, and how many berths you need. Choose between fixed or make-up beds, and ensure your car can tow it. Consider the layout for comfort and practicality. Finally decide if you want to take out finance, part exchange or buy outright. Don Amott has a team of experts to answer all your questions when purchasing a new caravan so do not hesitate to get in touch.

In the UK, whether you need a special licence to tow a caravan depends on when you passed your driving test. If you passed your car driving test on or after 1 January 1997, you can tow small trailers up to 750kg or a combined car and trailer weight of up to 3,500kg. For anything heavier, you’ll need to pass an additional test. If you passed your test before 1997, you’re generally allowed to tow larger caravans without an extra test.

To tow a caravan, you need a suitable tow car with a tow bar, a towing electrics kit for lighting connections, towing mirrors for better rear visibility, and a breakaway cable for safety. Also, ensure you have a correctly rated tow hitch and a stabiliser to reduce swaying. It’s important to check the car and caravan’s weight limits to ensure safe towing. If you have any questions or need to purchase caravan accessories, why not drop into our accessory shop in Derbyshire where our expert team are on hand to provide advice.