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2024 & 2023 New T@b Touring Caravans for Sale

Showcasing unique stand-out design, Don Amott welcomes Tab caravans for 2024. Launched almost 20 years ago by motorhoming giants, Knaus, Tab caravans have become a top choice on the teardrop caravans market due to their compact yet spacious shape. There are four eye-catching ranges to choose from as part of our selection of new caravans: the Basic range, Mexican Sunset, Metropolis and Offroad.

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 Which New 2023 & 2024 T@b Teardrop Caravan will you Choose?

The Basic T@b caravans range is also a great size for towing with a smaller vehicle, with an unloaded weight of less than a tonne – so it’s unlikely that you’ll be required to upgrade your current vehicle. Despite the name suggesting otherwise, this range oozes quality, with stylish Salem Ash and lino furniture décor, double glazed windows and water filter system as standard. With its signature teardrop shape, the T@b Basic is cleverly designed to accommodate all the utilities you could ever need, all in one place! Discover the range here at Don Amott Today.

Say ‘Hola’ to the T@b Mexican Sunset Range

Don’t miss your opportunity to stand out from the crowd with the new 2023 T@b Mexican Sunset range! With a queen-sized bed and room to seat four adults around the table, this range is deceptively spacious. The range offers both two and three berth options, making it a top choice for couples – with potential to accommodate a child or additional guest. There’s also plenty of scope to choose from a wide range of upholstery options so you can really make this caravan your own! Don’t miss out on this unique find – discover yours here at Don Amott today.

The T@b Offroad Caravan Range

The T@b caravans Offroad range is the perfect choice for the avid adventurer! Take a look inside, and you’ll find the interiors are equally impressive. With cleverly designed utilities including convertible seating / sleeping arrangements, all packed into a lightweight bodyshell, the T@b Offroad is the perfect compact caravan if you’re looking to explore the great outdoors – ready to go, right on theme.

Introducing the T@b Metropolis Caravan Range

The T@b Metropolis comes complete with the same standard features as the basic range, fully fitted and ready to go! With a fully equipped kitchen including a two-burner hob and cooker-sink combination, as well as comfortable sleeping accommodation featuring a large double bed as standard, get ready to set off on your next adventure with a hint of urban chic! Take a look at the T@b Metropolis range today.

Frequently Asked Questions About New T@B Caravans

Yes, T@B caravans are available in the UK. These distinctive, teardrop-shaped caravans, known for their unique design and compact size, can be purchased from Don Amott. Don Amott, a well-established dealership, offers a range of caravans and motorhomes, and including T@B caravans. This gives potential buyers the opportunity to explore these unique caravans in person and choose a model that fits their needs. Additionally, purchasing from a reputable dealer like Don Amott provides benefits such as expert advice, after-sales support, and financing options, making the buying process smoother and more reliable.

T@B caravans, with their distinctive teardrop shape and stylish design, have garnered a dedicated following among caravan enthusiasts. These caravans combine the charm of retro aesthetics with modern functionality, making them a unique choice in the caravan market. Here’s a review of the T@B caravan range by our caravan experts here at Don Amott:

  • Unique Design: T@B caravans are instantly recognisable by their teardrop shape and retro styling. This design is not just about looks; it also makes the caravans aerodynamic and easy to tow, even with smaller vehicles.
  • Compact and Lightweight: T@B caravans are designed to be compact and lightweight, making them easy to manoeuvre and ideal for those with limited towing experience or smaller towing vehicles.
  • T@B 320 Model: One of the popular models in the range, the T@B 320, is perfect for couples or solo travellers. Despite its small size, it includes a comfortable sleeping area, a compact kitchen with essential appliances, and clever storage solutions.
  • T@B 400 Model: For those needing more space, the T@B 400 offers a larger interior with additional amenities. This model typically includes a more spacious kitchen, a dinette that converts into a bed, and even a wet bath, making it suitable for longer trips or more occupants.
  • Interior Comfort: The interiors of T@B caravans are surprisingly spacious and well-organised. They feature cozy sleeping areas, efficient kitchenettes, and dining spaces that can convert into additional sleeping spots.
  • Modern Amenities: Despite their retro look, T@B caravans come equipped with modern amenities. This includes efficient heating and cooling systems, contemporary entertainment options, and sometimes even innovative power solutions like solar panels.
  • Customisation Options: T@B offers a range of customisation options, allowing buyers to choose from different colour schemes, finishes, and additional features to personalise their caravan.
  • Durability and Quality Construction: T@B caravans are known for their quality construction and durability. They are built to withstand the rigours of travel, ensuring longevity and reliability.

In summary, T@B caravans are a great choice for those looking for a caravan that is easy to tow, stylish, and functional. Their unique design, combined with modern amenities and customisation options, makes them a popular choice among caravan enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate a blend of retro charm and contemporary comfort.

A teardrop caravan is a compact, streamlined tourer known for its distinctive teardrop shape. This design maximises space and efficiency, making it a popular choice for travellers seeking convenience and simplicity.

At Don Amott Leisure Kingdom, we understand that finding the lightest caravan tourer is important for many of our customers. The lightest caravan tourers are usually compact and designed for ease of towing, making them ideal for those with smaller vehicles or for those new to caravanning.

While the specific model that holds the title of ‘lightest’ can vary as new models are released, our range often includes some of the lightest models on the market. Brands like T@B are known for their lightweight caravan models, combining convenience with comfort and style. To view all the latest new T@b models, visit our listing page with additional savings to be had of up to £4,000 off select models to boot.