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Tuesday January 17, 2023

What Makes the T6 the Best Campervan Conversion?

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
T6 Best Campervan Blog Image

Volkswagen’s Transporter is one of the most recognisable and popular vans released by the iconic German manufacturer – and the T6 is the perfect model for your special conversion. Originally released in 2016 (with the T6.1 following three years later, featuring new electro-mechanical power steering system improving on-road performance).

The improved engine, environmental credentials and fuel efficiency offer all-round appeal making the T6 a top-quality medium-sized vehicle for moving your stuff around, also perfect for converting VW campervans.

What’s so good about the T6?

The shells of the T6 and T6.1 are the same as the previous model, the T5 (which was originally released in 2003). This means almost twenty years of the same hard wearing design for the Transporter – but why mess with greatness? The Transporter is available in short and long wheelbases, with standard, medium and high roof heights, and body layouts include panel van, crew van, minibus and executive shuttle bus. This makes them perfect for VW campervan conversions.

The interior and exterior dimensions of the T6 remain identical to the T5 (so if you decide to upgrade from the earlier model in the future your fittings and fixtures should transfer easily), though if you placed the models side-by-side you’d see a degree of modernisation (the bumper, lighting, bonnet etc).

The load space of the T6 / T6.1 is up to 2,975mm long, featuring up to 1,940mm high loading area, lots of cab space and the ability to lock the cargo section and cab separately.

The engine and fuel economy

The Volkswagen T6 is fitted with a Euro 6 engine so is a cleaner vehicle, releasing less pollutant into the atmosphere than previous models. The engine offers a range of power – 84PS, 102PS, 150PS and 204PS – and the T6 boasts Bluemotion technology, reducing overall fuel consumption by using low rolling resistance tyres and stop / start automation (which switches the van off, rather than idling the engine, when it’s not moving). The T6 is economical, managing 49.7 mpg (on the diesel model).

The T6 is car-like

VW has made the T6 / T6.1 the most car-like van yet, with features such as the LED daytime running lights having been lifted directly from their car range. There are car-like assistance and safety systems built-in too which make it a secure vehicle to drive, such as adaptive cruise control plus automatic city braking. A driver monitoring system is also standard, and audio / visual signals are given when driver behaviour indicates fatigue.


VW’s Automatic Post Collision Braking system is a feature of our T6 camper conversions, applying the brakes automatically after a collision, reducing speed to 6mph. The Front Assist feature monitors distance and speed relative to the traffic ahead and gives a warning if your vehicle gets too close to oncoming traffic. It will even apply the brakes to help avoid a crash. The Tyre System Assist programme reviews the pressure of each tyre and warns of deviations from the optimum.

The 6.1 has a rear view camera to assist with parking, and side protection monitors alert if you’re getting too close to obstacles, including other vehicles, walls or pedestrians. The 6.1 is available with 4MOTION all-wheel drive, dual clutch gearbox DSG, Hill Descent Assist, Hill Hold Assist and mechanical differential lock.

VW T6 Conversions

Custom VW campers are a very popular choice for those looking to get something bespoke and brilliant out onto the road. Your very own VW conversion from a T6 or T6.1 starting point is going to mean a highly drivable and quality base vehicle tailored up to your individual specifications. It also means a robust investment, as VW vehicles tend to depreciate at a slower rate than other vehicles due to the brand’s massively iconic status. In other words, when the time comes for you to sell, you should do okay: VWs are always desirable.

At Don Amott we’re expert VW campervan converters and are always happy to talk about your T6 van conversion ideas. We can convert your dream custom-built VW conversion into reality!