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Tuesday June 6, 2023

What Facilities Can You Find In A Teardrop Caravan?

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Tab Caravan

Plenty of tears, here – but in a good way! Amongst the most impressive caravan designs during the last couple of decades is the Tab (or, as German manufacturer Knaus prefers to style it, the T@b. Here at Don Amott we’re pleased to be one of few dealerships to stock this brilliant vehicle.

Knaus has been producing caravans for over six decades and has constantly progressed through innovation to become one of the world’s most respected brands. The T@b, their range of compact home-from-homes, is easy to tow, small yet spacious and stylishly designed – so it’s no surprise that it’s become such a popular choice on the market.

What’s So Good About Teardrops?

Sounds like the title of a previously undiscovered Amy Winehouse song, doesn’t it? The truth is, whether you are a troubled pop chanteuse looking for a quick and easy getaway, a young couple looking to make the most of a modest budget, or a family man looking to bring some adventure into the lives of your loved ones, teardrop caravans are compact and convenient without compromising on comfort. Amongst the very best is Knaus’s T@b. There are four variations of Tab caravans available:

1. Basic

This variation of the Tab offers a very simple but timless aesthetic, featuring a plain aluminium body which exudes practicality at no cost to style. There are two or three berth models – the Basic 320 and Basic 400 – making it perfect for couples or small families who want to get away and use their caravan as a base. The Tab Basic also features Salem Ash and lino furniture décor, double glazed windows and a water filter system as standard.

2.  Mexican Sunset

With a cheerful and distinctive orange patterned colour scheme on the exterior of the Mexican Sunset model, it’s clear from the outset that this is a compact caravan built for fun. It’s available in a 320 or 400 layout (i.e. two berth or three berth) and features a stylish interior with clever design features for comfort as well as convenience, including a fixed double bed across the rear, and a comfortable lounge space which (in the 400 layout) can be converted into a guest bed (single).

3. Metropolis

A dark frame border provides the Metropolis range with an impressive contrast to abstract graphics and the original basic aluminium body. The kitchenette features a two-ring gas hob, sink and storage, plus a fridge, taking the stress out of your catering needs. The seating area in the 320 has brilliant storage options – two compartments underneath which are great for duvets and pillows, with the seating easily converting into a large double bed.

4. Off Road

A smart and distinctive banner design runs along the length of the Off Road, and the caravan showcases a number of additional features including larger tyres and more robust edgings. Inside, it’s packed with comfort features, such as a well-kitted kitchenette, plenty of storage, and a freestanding table at the bench seating (which, itself, converts into a bed). The Off Road is the perfect hub for adventurers who are looking to take their caravan lifestyle out into the wild!

What else makes the Tab so good?

  • In addition to their affordability, a big part of the appeal of teardrop caravans is their compact nature. This makes them light, easy to tow, and straightforward to manoeuvre.
  • Their aerodynamic shape reduces fuel consumption compared with other caravans, and when it comes to going back home at the end of your break or holiday, they’re easy to store as they take up much less space.
  • Ultimately, though, the greatest thing about teardrop caravans is the quality of your experience – and, to say that these are compact caravans, Knaus manages to pack in plenty to elevate it.
  • As well as all of the features we’ve mentioned in the sections above, the Tab caravan also features Truma heating systems, which makes them cosy options for seasonal caravanning, even in the winter!
  • The habitation flyscreen is great for keeping bugs out during the summer! It’s a win / win whenever you go.
  • Although there is no toilet or washroom in the Tab, there is the option to take a portaloo on trips, which can be discreetly stored in a convenient part of the bench seating.

To discover more, take a look at the T@b caravan models we have on sale at the moment, or you can get in touch with us if you want to talk T@b! We’d be happy to help.