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Wednesday May 3, 2023

How To Pack A VW Camper: Our Space-Saver Tips

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Written by John Broderick
Vw Camper Packing Blog

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When you’re in your Volkswagen camper for any length of time (be it a couple of nights away or a couple of weeks on the road), it’s important that you take along not just the things you need, but also the things you want. The extra little bits and pieces make you feel even more ‘at home,’ and can be the day-to-day difference between a good trip and a great trip.

Taking stuff along with you does create its own issue, though – storage. It’s important to make sure your vehicle isn’t cluttered and uncomfortable due to mess, and that means places and spaces in which you can pack things away when you’re not using them. In this edition of our blog we’ll run through some of our favourite ideas for ensuring your vehicle – whether a brand-new Camper King or a VW with a few more years on clock – remains ship-shape while you’re out on the road!

Storage Techniques

Storage/Stacking Boxes and Storage Cubes

Having a lidded box to put things in is a really valuable weapon in your war against clutter. You can fill these boxes with all of the loose bits and pieces you’ve taken with you on holiday and put the lid on. You can even stack another one on top (and so on)! This is your little ‘tower of power’ – a mastery over the mess. You’ll gain an enormous sense of wellbeing when your vehicle is tidy, and you’ll also know exactly where all of your things are. Obviously these sorts of boxes are available in several different sizes, so make sure you get the appropriate size to fit into the space designated for storage boxes in the camper. Storage Cubes are similar to storage/stacking boxes, though are cubic rather than traditional rectangular shaped boxes. They are also not necessarily ‘boxes’ but four-sided (so, as opposed to six sided). Stacked up they can provide a kind of shelf space.

Hanging Storage

A great way to save space generally is to hang up the things you need to access often. Items such as coats, hoodies, scarfs, backpacks, handbags etc, can all be hung on hooks which have been affixed to the back of seat headrests, on the back of doors or in convenient and unintrusive positions on the walls. Using hooks means that the floors and surfaces of the vehicle will be kept clear. You could also even gather up and hang smaller items in bags!

Bag Up!

This might not be the most convenient method of storage from the perspective of time, but in terms of space it’s a great way to go. Bagging up your clothes – in effect using a large bag (or bags) as a sort of ‘mobile wardrobe’ is a sensible option as it means all of your items remain in the same place. You can also use a second bag for clothing that needs to be washed. No more stray pairs of socks under the seating or yesterday’s t-shirt draped over the back of the seats!

Of course, there are so many other ways you can get smart with your on the road storage including:

  • Under-shelf storage (magazine baskets etc)
  • Magnetic storage clips
  • Storage nets and additional storage in the cupboards (if there are cupboards). You can get smart with the cupboard space by using baskets, racks etc so that every inch of space is practically utilised.

Here at Don Amott we stock a huge range of VW campers and other leisure vehicles, all of which have been designed to help you make the most of your time away. However, you’re always going to have to be smart with your planning and prep so that you can comfortably take not just the things you need but the things you want. You can check out the campervans or motorhomes we have in stock by browsing our website or, if you prefer, you can get in touch with us and a member of our friendly team will be able to handle any queries you might have!