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Tuesday November 1, 2022

New VW Campervans: The New VW ID Buzz

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
New Vw Id Buzz Blog Image

Here at Don Amott, VW campervans have become something of a speciality in recent years, with our bespoke VW Camper King customisations. It’s time to introduce a fantastic new edition to our range of VW campervans: the VW ID Buzz. Hitting the market for 2023, the ID Buzz is a forward-thinking take on a VW classic, leading the charge towards sustainable travel.

Why the ID Buzz promises to become the next big thing…

Fun Design

A modern adaptation of the Volkswagen Type 2 Microbus, which launched way back in 1949, the ID Buzz is one of the coolest electric vehicles to be hitting the market in 2023. What makes this vehicle so special is its fun design, eye-catching and unlike any other models that have come before it – with a two-tone design reminiscent of the original. The perfect combination of retro aesthetics and modern, futuristic features, the ID Buzz is a supremely charming model sure to impress even the old-school VW lovers. The ID Buzz is available in an extensive range of fun, bright colours from lime-yellow metallic to bay leaf green – sure to make you stand out from the crowd.

Superior Build

Since VW campers first launched, they have become renowned for superior build quality. With 19 inch alloy wheels with Airstop tyres, sliding door on both the left and right, LED headlights and a power liftgate for spacious rear entry into the vehicle, the ID Buzz delivers on practical and convenient features, built to last.

The meticulous engineering process has also ensured great manoeuvrability to suit both country and city driving. The ID Buzz’s tight turning radius, standard rear-wheel drive and large windows for optimum visibility, all allow the driver to manoeuvre within small spaces – which is particularly great for more nervous drivers or those travelling frequently in urban areas. This is made easier by the option to use the automated parking system which automatically takes control of the steering wheel when parking in tight spaces.

Sustainable Concept

Net carbon neutral with zero CO2 emissions, the ID Buzz showcases sustainability at its finest. The electric motor has an impressive output of 150 kW due to its low-drag design. In layman’s terms, this ensures that the ID Buzz can be driven up to 258 miles without being charged – that’s about the same distance as driving from Glasgow all the way down to us here at Don Amott! When you do finally need to charge the battery, you can expect excellent charging power, taking just half an hour to charge the battery from 5% to 80%.

Volkswagen has extended its sustainability pledge by avoiding the use of leather and other animal products in the construction of the ID Buzz. As a commitment to a better planet, the model incorporates recycled materials such as leather-like polyurethane and recycled polyester yarn made from marine plastic.

Spectacular Interiors

Inside, the design continues to wow. Matching your chosen exterior, the interior colour schemes are equally striking, with top-quality cloth seat upholstery and carpet floor coverings for a luxury finish. From striking door trim panels to luggage compartment covers and split folding rear bench, the interiors are a perfect combination of style and convenience.

In terms of space, the ID Buzz is a great family van that accommodates five people, with additional room for luggage. With all passengers seated, there’s an impressive 40 cubic feet of luggage space which increase to 78 cubic feet when the second-row bench is folded down, giving great flexibility for couples and families.

All the Mod-Cons

The ID Buzz features all the mod-cons which may be expected of an electric vehicle – and then some! Starting with safety features, there’s a driver alert system, rear-view camera, park assist, electric childproof lock and swerve support, ensuring that safety is maintained at all times – both on and off the road.

For ultimate comfort and convenience, there’s a heated windscreen, 10-colour ambient lighting, heated front seats, and a 2-zone ‘Climatronic’ (VW’s temperature regulator) with enhanced air filter. For all the tech lovers, the ID Buzz presents App-Connect including Apple CarPlay, voice control and wireless charger for all your mobile devices.

Whenever new VW campervans launch on the UK market, there’s always a great deal of excitement surrounding a fresh addition to the VW family. The VW ID Buzz is expected to gain a significant following, especially as people become ever more climate-conscious and look to make the switch to an electric vehicle.