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Thursday May 25, 2023

5 Must-Have Motorhome Accessories

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Motorhome Accessories 2

When you’re taking off for a weekend away or for a longer break, your motorhome, campervan or caravan is obviously the main part of the whole leisure vehicle experience. It’s what you’ll spend all of your travel time in, and probably a great deal of your leisure time too. It’ll be your social hub as well as your means of transport. That means making sure you opt for a mobile home packed with comfort and convenience as well as performance.

There are plenty of other things which will make each trip that little bit better, too. These are things which, in the main, won’t necessarily come as standard when you buy your vehicle, but which will enhance your time and elevate the experience. In other words, motorhome accessories!

Essential motorhome accessories

In this edition of our blog we’ll focus in on our list of five essential motorhome accessories, so you can choose those which will practically benefit you before you’re up and off…

1.     Levelling chocks and mud mats

These are very simple pieces of equipment which can be very helpful. They are used to ensure your vehicle is levelled up when you have parked and pitched on uneven ground – perfect for dealing with the terrain you are likely to find in the countryside. When you use levelling chocks you can kiss goodbye to your gravy rolling off your plate! Mud mats also mean that your vehicle won’t get stuck.

2.     Road Safety Kit

In the rare instance that you break down, it’s always good to have some sort of useful safety kit onboard your vehicle. This should include a fire extinguisher, and also a couple of fold-down reflective signs you can fold-up to put at the front and the rear of your vehicle to warn other drivers. These signs are usually orange/red triangles. Your road safety kit could also contain some handy tools for small repairs.

3.     Tyre Repair Kit

It’s unlikely, but if things go wrong and your motorhome suffers some sort of tyre issue, you might find that you do have a replacement. Many motorhomes don’t, and instead rely on a heavy duty tyre repair kit. Using it will involve some effort on your part, but it’s better to have one that not!

4.     Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re on holiday for any period of time, there’s no getting round the fact that you’re likely to create a little bit of mess. Some crumbs from your meals, some mud from your shoes, and so on. Therefore a vacuum cleaner is a must – but for reasons of space and storage, you should be thinking about a handheld version, with a 12v charging option.

5.     Satellite Navigation System

You may find, when you buy your motorhome, that it already has a sat nav system installed. If it doesn’t, this is a purchase that is well worth the money. It’s basically a computerised box which, via the magic of satellites, will give you real-time directions to a destination you have programmed in. Not just directions, but also information about traffic issues such as closed roads, traffic jams etc. This is an essential accessory for anyone taking a trip.

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