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Friday May 17, 2024

Motorhomes in Movies, TV and Music

5 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Motorhomes in movies

Did you know that we have a member of staff called Richard Burton?! No – of course it’s not the Welsh actor with the rugged face, valley-deep tones and a pair of marriages to Elizabeth Taylor… But you’re very welcome to come and visit our very own Richard Burton and his capable colleagues, who will talk you through the fine selection of new and used motorhomes we have available! Our staff will make sure you get exactly the right vehicle for you – and, in the meantime, this famous namesake gives us a cheeky excuse to focus in on some of the connections between famous people and motorhomes…

Celebrities and motorhomes

We live in an age where celebrity culture is so prevalent it filters through vast parts of our entire lived experience. This is probably down to the sheer number of celebrities as well as the increase in avenues for them to be famous or have that fame projected on their behalf. All those TV channels and billboards and endorsement opportunities – and all that social media space. With endless Tik Toks and Instagrams and Tweets presenting as fantastical entertainment, you could be forgiven if you began to think of famous people as ‘unreal’, a super-breed. The late great David Bowie wrote sharply about this particular phenomenon in his 2013 single The Stars Are Out Tonight.

In truth, though, every one of those celebrities is a real person, which means that they all must have somewhere they can call home, even if only temporarily. The surprising thing is, for some of them this means a motorhome. The money that often goes hand in glove with the fame means these are often not just ordinary motorhomes. They’re not even A-class luxury liners, some of them. They’re ‘opulence liners’, with ridiculous features that go beyond need and décor that goes beyond good taste. Ultimately, when all that bling is stripped away, the celebrity motorhome represents the same as it does for everyone else – a place to live while on the road.

This edition of our blog is our way of providing a bit of light relief from the difficult choice you’ll have to make between all of the fantastic new and used motorhomes available online here at Don Amott! There’s so much quality stock to choose from, including models from Auto Trail, Bailey, Elddis and Swift.

Matthew McConaughey

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey is known for his stand-out roles in films like The Wolf Of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club and Interstellar. He’s one of Hollywood’s most notable motorhome enthusiasts. During the mid-2000s, McConaughey lived in an Airstream along the beaches of Malibu. He often spoke about the freedom living this way gave him, and how it provided a healthy counterpoint to the hustle and bustle of Hollywood.

Chris Pratt

The lead actor in Guardians of the Galaxy and the Jurassic World series also embraced motorhome living during a transitional period in his life. Before making it big as a film star, Pratt lived in a motorhome in Maui.

Tom Hanks

Rather than spending countless days and nights in hotel suites around the world when he’s busy filming, Tom Hanks has been known to park up his motorhome on set and stay in it for the duration. Customised to suit his every need, this is a really great example of how a motorhome can actually offer you the security and comforts of home, wherever you travel to.

Almost Famous

Although he is more noted for Jerry Maguire and Vanilla Sky, writer / director Cameron Crowe’s semi-autobiographical Almost Famous was a big hit in the early 2000s, and motorhomes play a significant role. The film follows a young journalist who gets his break by going on tour with a rock band. They travel to shows across the country in a 1970s vehicle which serves as a mobile home and recording studio, capturing the essence of the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.


Spaceballs is a parody of popular sci-fi films, most notably Star Wars, in typically zany Mel Brooks style. One of the film’s most memorable vehicles is a spaceship shaped like a Winnebago, the Eagle 5, piloted by Bill Pullman and sidekick John Candy. The motorhome-inspired spaceship was equipped with all the amenities needed for intergalactic travel!


This 2006 comedy starred Robin Williams as a stressed-out executive who rents a motorhome for a family holiday to the Colorado Rockies. The motorhome becomes the source of numerous mishaps and adventures, and the film humorously explores the challenges of motorhoming, highlighting the joys of travel and the importance of family bonding.

We’re the Millers

In this 2013 comedy Jason Sudeikis stars as a small-time drug dealer who creates a fake family so he can smuggle marijuana across the border from Mexico into the USA. The family’s mode of transport is a large motorhome, which provides cover for their illegal activities.

Breaking Bad

One of the most iconic motorhomes in television history is the Fleetwood Bounder used by Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. In the the early seasons of this highly addictive drama, the motorhome doubles as the duo’s meth lab. It symbolises the beginning of Walter’s transformation from a high school chemistry teacher into Heisenberg, a ruthless drug kingpin.

The Walking Dead

In the post-apocalyptic world that is the basis of TV thriller series The Walking Dead, motorhomes provide crucial shelter and transport for the survivors of the zombie apocalypse. One of the most significant is a 1973 Winnebago Chieftain which becomes a safe haven, used as a meeting place, a lookout, and a symbol of hope for the characters.

Bob Dylan

Poet and musician Bob Dylan has been creatively active for more than 60 years and has deservedly earned his reputation as a legend. He’s known for his affinity for motorhomes, owning one he christened the Gusmobile, which he used as a mobile home and tour bus in the 1970s. It offered him private space to relax and write, further cementing his image as the 20th-century’s most mystical wandering troubadour.

Willie Nelson

Country music icon Willie Nelson also embraced motorhome living. The Honeysuckle Rose, his tour vehicle, is almost legendary in its own right, and symbolises his lifelong commitment to the road, and his love of the nomadic lifestyle.

Motorhomes have evolved from vehicles serving our holiday needs to the level of being significant cultural icons on their own merit. There are many other examples of the connection between motorhomes and famous people – with perhaps the most significant being the use of an Airstream as the post-landing transport for the astronauts who had been to the moon!

The enduring appeal of motorhomes continues to capture the imagination of pop culture audiences, probably because they strongly symbolise the freedom of the open road, and all of the adventure it can bring while also offering the comforts of home. There’s no way you can avoid the excitement as you take a look at the Don Amott website and pick your favourite motorhome, a vehicle fit for the stars!