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Wednesday February 8, 2023

Why Compact MAY Be the Best Option

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Tab Caravans Teardrop Caravans

In many cases more means more – but when it comes to leisure vehicles the truth is, that biggest doesn’t always have to mean best. Sometimes less is more. You might find a much more compact model is the best option for you. Perhaps a more compact teardrop caravan could be the answer. It all depends on your needs.

Why is that the case, though? Why would less of something mean you can get more out of it? Well, we believe it’s all down to a delicate balance of expectations, requirements and capabilities. In this edition of our blog we’ll discuss some of these factors.

Pack up and go!

This is a huge draw for many people who choose to immerse themselves in an on the road lifestyle, as the flexibility of a ‘quick getaway’ is hugely appealing in terms of personal freedom. That’s not to say that you’ll be totally utilitarian and won’t consider taking some creature comfort items with you but, generally, you’ll find your thoughts concentrated. The smaller the vehicle, the less physical space there is, so there won’t be as many things to worry about sorting out. Less packing is required because you’ll have carefully thought about your list of things, focusing on the true essentials. The pay-off is that there’s a much greater chance you’ll be able to quickly load up and shoot off on your trip.

Creative design and intelligent spaces

Smaller vehicles are often really cleverly designed, as the manufacturers have been intelligent in their approaches to layout and, in particular, to the issue of storage. There’ll be plenty of convenience and comfort onboard, of course, as no manufacturer puts together a vehicle that doesn’t make for a pleasant user experience. But the need for space-saving features and efficient layouts can mean creative solutions. You might find that there are things like overhead lockers or under seat cupboards.

Most couples should find that a smaller caravan, campervan or motorhome suits their needs and they become easily accustomed to the space as a liveable environment. In particular, if you’re used to travelling around and using the vehicle as no more than a ‘base’ (i.e. you spend most days and evenings out and, really, only travel in it or sleep in it) then it’s worth asking yourself whether you really need a lot of extra space.

Handling and manoeuvrability

Smaller caravans are easier to handle on the road, and once you are used to towing, then there shouldn’t be any real issues. More lightweight campervans and motorhomes have similar manoeuvrability to a domestic car and are easier to park. Another major benefit is the cost of fuel. You’ll find it’s cheaper as, due to the vehicle’s weight, you’ll use less of it to go further than you would if you were in a larger motorhome!

T@b Caravans – The Perfect Compact caravan

At Don Amott we pride ourselves on offering models to satisfy all requirements – and one of our favourites for those looking for smaller and more compact is the Tab (or the T@b, as it is branded) from manufacturer Knaus Tabbert. First appearing on the market around 20 years ago, T@b caravans have built a solid reputation and consistent popularity due to their innovative approach to the space saving requirements of small-scale living.

This popular range of teardrop caravans offers 2-3 berth models, available in four unique designs. Each includes plenty of space-saving features allowing for cooking and dining or washing at your convenience. These include fixed appliances, Truma heating, three-gas kitchen hobs, fixed double beds and comfortable lounges. Each model also has a stylish interior design scheme sure to appeal.

The four available 2023 ranges are:

  • T@b Basic: With a sleek aluminium shell and a lightweight body, the Basic range is great for those looking for a classic vibe.
  • T@b Mexican Sunset: With bright orange pattern graphics the Mexican Sunset offers bright personality.
  • T@b Offroad: A great option for an adventurous off-road lifestyle, with robust bumper and bigger tyres handling all terrains.
  • T@b Metropolis: The Metropolis offers abstract yet subtle graphics against the classic aluminium Tab frame for the ultimate in urban chic.

We particularly recommend T@b caravans as they retain that all-important balance between comfort and practicality despite being extremely compact. You’ll find models with stylish interior design schemes, coordinated upholstery and fixed appliances. In fact, this home-from-home will provide just about everything you could expect to enjoy in your own home.

At Don Amott we carry a wide variety of stock, so if we haven’t managed to convince you that compact vehicles can have equal worth to those which are more expansive, then we have plenty of stock if you’re looking to browse something bigger. We stock caravans, motorhomes and campervans from many different manufacturers – so you might find VW campervans more likely to meet your requirements than T@b caravans, or VW camper conversions from Camper King preferable.