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Thursday December 15, 2022

Can You Live in New Motorhomes Full Time?

3 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Living In New Motorhomes Blog Image

Fancy changing up your lifestyle? If you’ve fallen in love with holidaying in your motorhome as much as we have here at Don Amott, you may even have considered moving in full time. In theory, there’s nothing to stop you setting out into a life of adventure! Buying a motorhome is a big investment and it’s probably become your pride and joy. As long as your vehicle has passed its MOT and you have the relevant driving licence (vehicles over 3500kg require additional category qualifications), you’re ready to go! After all, living in a motorhome permanently comes with so many benefits…

Living in New Motorhomes

1.    Allows You to Save Money

In light of the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK, living in your motorhome will save you money when it comes to making gas, electric and mortgage payments.

2.    The World Is Yours

Set out on new adventures, whether it’s a staycation in the UK, or a tour across Europe.

3.    They Have Homely Features

The majority of new motorhomes made in the last 10 years have been fitted with high-specifications and practical features, making life on the road a walk in the park. With fixed double beds, twin beds or even electric drop-down beds, you’ll sleep just as well as if you were at home.

There are, however, a number of things to think about when it comes to the logistics of living in your motorhome…

Interior Space

Considering whether your motorhome is spacious enough for you to live in is crucial, especially if you’ve got a family or children in tow. A-class motorhomes are the obvious pick in terms of space, however many of today’s coachbuilt motorhomes offer lots of space too. Many motorhomes on the market also have exterior garage space, sometimes accessible from the inside, which offer great storage for all that outdoor gear plus any other belongings, if you were to move in.

If you don’t already own a motorhome with sufficient living space or storage, you may want to weigh up the financial considerations of buying a new vehicle and whether you’ll need to take out a loan to do so. Perhaps you could compromise by using your current motorhome to go away for a few weeks at a time instead of shorter breaks?

Lifestyle Changes

Moving into your motorhome full time will require some pretty drastic lifestyle changes. Given that you’ll be on the move a lot, you’ll have to consider leaving your place of employment, if you cannot work remotely. If you’ve got children, it’s likely that you will have to take them out of school – so you may want to wait until they’ve completed their education, move into your motorhome for the school holidays over the summer, or look for short-term educational solutions such as online tutoring.

Uncertainty of Location

Being out on the road for extended periods often means you’ll have to rent or sell your permanent home. This can leave you without a permanent address, which makes it difficult to receive important paperwork, or register with a doctor / dentist – particularly if you suffer with pre-existing health problems and require regular visits. A solution to receiving your post could be to rent a virtual mailbox or get it delivered to someone you trust, although most people prefer to handle confidential documents first hand.

Living in your motorhome also requires you to thoroughly research and plan an itinerary, especially if you have a campervan and require better campsite bathroom facilities. What’s more, is that it’s probably best that you or someone you’re travelling with is a confident driver when journeying to unknown locations to make the trip as stress-free as possible.

The Verdict

It all sounds a good idea to just pack up and go! But going away for up to a few months at a time seems much more realistic. In this time, you may not need to make drastic changes to your employment, and you can retain ownership of your permanent home. Some motorhomes are also not designed for full time habitation as the warranty doesn’t cover it – it’s a good idea to check your manufacturing details first.

If you’re looking for new motorhomes to partner you on your extended journey, we have a wide selection of new motorhomes for sale here at Don Amott. As the leading dealership showcasing motorhomes for sale in Derby, we stock a huge variety of best-selling brands, as well as high-quality used motorhomesBook your visit with us today to start your journey.