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Wednesday March 15, 2023

Don Amott: The Benefits Of Buying Used

4 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Five Benefits Blog

When you buy something from new, it’s absolutely fair to have the built-in preconception that you’re getting ‘the best’. It’s understandable to think that way. Sure, buying from new means no-one else will have used the thing you’re buying. You can take for granted that it will be ‘as it should be’ and unspoiled. No wear and tear. Minimal exposure to any potential damage. Fresh from the factory floor, and in its finest condition. However, there are major benefits to be had by allowing your brain to travel beyond this idea.

When it comes to caravans, motorhomes and campervans, as well as conversions such as T6 camper conversions, opting for buying a pre-owned model can be quite the blessing. We’ll explain why…

Used Can Mean Better

There are a number of positives to the financial part of opting to buy pre-owned.

For a start, you’ll get yourself a new motorhome, campervan or caravan. Okay, granted, it may have been owned by somebody else already – but it’ll be new to you, and in the end that’s what counts. It’s also probable that you’ll invest your money in a vehicle and get more of a vehicle for it! You’ll find that your budget goes a little further because you end up with a higher spec model than if you bought from new for the same price.

In effect you’ll be getting a better vehicle than you thought you could afford. This means, when you are planning your purchase, that you can immediately consider models that would perhaps be outside of your price range if you opted to buy from brand new.


Leisure vehicles depreciate (that means their value becomes less over time, just like you would expect with a car or motorbike etc). So by the time you get home from the forecourt after having bought a new campervan, it’s already worth less. No, not worthless, just worth a bit less! However, when you buy pre-owned campervans or motorhomes (or other leisure vehicles) you will find that the rate at which it depreciates is slower than with a car. In other words, it will retain much of its value for longer. So when the time comes to sell, or you have decided to upgrade, then a pre-owned vehicle should still be worth a reasonable or respectable chunk of what you paid for it.

VAT and other issues

VAT is levied by the UK government. The VAT (Value Added Tax) payable on your vehicle will have been paid by the original owner as part of the original purchase price. The recent supply chain issues which have affected the industry due to the Covid pandemic and other political issues will also not be an issue when you purchase a pre-owned vehicle. You’ll pretty much be able to drive straight off the forecourt.


We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. When you buy pre-owned it’s an absolute myth that you’ll be buying something run down and on the verge of falling apart. People are very proud of their vehicles when they buy them. They represent quite an investment, hardly insignificant sums of money for most people – and so that outgoing will be acknowledged by treating the vehicle with the appropriate care and attention. People tend to look after leisure vehicles well, keeping on top of cleaning and maintenance, to enjoy their time in them but also to protect their investment.

At a mechanical / engineering level you should find that the vehicle is in at least reasonable condition. It’s unlikely to have hundreds of thousands of miles on the clock as, realistically, it may only have been used for a handful of extended holidays and some weekend trips.


This sort of ties in to something we mentioned earlier, about being able to get a better quality and higher spec second hand vehicle than your budget would allow from new.

Many of the best features or luxuries available in leisure vehicles were not included as standard at the time of the original purchase and were additional ‘cost options’. Things like media packs (TV, sat nav, media players etc), furnishings packs, upgraded kitchen appliances and so on. When you buy a vehicle that has previously been owned then these upgrades will already have taken place and therefore be included in the purchase price. So, in effect, you will be getting even more for your money. So say a little “thanks” to the original owner for those upgrades and add-on packs!

Here at Don Amott, we’re motorhome brokers with a great eye for the best quality vehicles – so when you come us looking for a pre-owned bargain, you’re sure to find something terrific that will suit. Don’t forget we also operate a motorhome part exchange. Plus, if you only want to sell, you can sell to us. It’s really easy. Whatever your need, simply get in touch and we’ll sort you out! Ultimately, whether you’re buying, selling or wanting to part-exchange, Don Amott is the place to come!