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Thursday October 27, 2022

Reasons Not to Sell Your Motorhome Privately

2 minutes well spent

Written by John Broderick
Selling Your Motorhome Privately Blog Image

You’ve probably heard horror stories about selling online. The process comes with its own set of risks, particularly if you’re selling something high in value, such as a motorhome. You may have invested a great deal of money into your vehicle, so it’s a good idea to sell with a licensed dealer to avoid the downsides and risks that come with private sales:

  • No guarantee of sale: this is perhaps the main danger of advertising privately – after all the effort you put into creating your advert, and arranging viewings for prospective buyers, you may be left disappointed.
  • Lower sale price: Often with private sales, you will settle for a lower price than you would’ve hoped for following negotiations with prospective buyers. It takes confidence to remain firm on your price when you are receiving offers, which is why it’s a great idea to get experts on board to take the stress off your hands.
  • Timewasters: When selling vehicles privately, you are likely to encounter time wasters who only have the intention of paying much less than what your vehicle is worth. You may be met with ‘what’s your best price?’ with no serious intentions of making a purchase.
  • Advertising can be expensive: Whether you post your advert on eBay or in a magazine you will have to pay a fee, with no guarantee that you will sell your vehicle. There may also be a final listing fee, which can be up to around 10% of the motorhome’s value!
  • Payment delays: If listing through an online marketplace such as eBay, you may encounter payment delays even after you have sold your vehicle. If the delay in payment persists longer than the advised time, the sale will fall through, and you will have to re-list your motorhome. This cycle may continue for some time.
  • Private motorhomes are a competitive market: From the moment you list your motorhome online, it can take some time to even get noticed – let alone have any viewings – given the competitive nature of the motorhome market.
  • Risk of scammers: If you are contacted via an advert by someone requesting specific details of your vehicle such as the VIN or the V5C without coming to view it, such as the VRM, they may be able to create a fake advert of your motorhome.

Sell with us: our 3 easy steps!

If you’re looking to sell your motorhome, quickly, conveniently, and without the hassle, using a trusted motorhome dealership is the safest option given the risks associated with private sales. Here at Don Amott, we offer the perfect solution. Trade your used motorhome for cash, whatever make or model it is. We even offer a free collection service, operating nationwide.

  1. Contact us today or fill out our enquiry form, providing us with details about your motorhome so we can offer a free valuation of the utmost accuracy.
  2. Make an appointment for us to come and view your motorhome in person.
  3. If you are not immediately local to us, that’s not a problem – we offer a free nationwide collection service.

Attempting a private sale is simply not worth any risks when our service is this easy. Here at Don Amott, we remove the stress from your experience of selling. Most importantly, when we receive your motorhome you’ll be paid immediately with no money or time going to waste!